2nd Week at the MTC

Well family this week has been pretty good. My body is finally staring to get over being sick, the hives are almost gone and I can sleep at night woot! But now I have big blood blisters all over my feet so that pretty much rocks. Also thank you so much for all the stuff you sent me to help me feel better!

Mom and Dad, Travis tells me you have officially made the crazy old people category … good for you! Also Dad why did you take out bushes?

Mom I got my card but I haven’t had time to try it but when I do I’ll let you know.

  Travis oh my little brother! I miss you so much!!!!! I have a funny story to tell, so one of the sisters that’s in my room, we have become good friends and one day at gym we where just standing there talking and she raised her arms … and yes I totally punched her in the arm pits and said poo yourself!! ha ha ha it was way funny we both died on the floor laughing. But now I have to watch out cuz she is trying to get me back.

Also I loved getting your letter just know that I love you so much and you are a “mighty man”!! And you will do great things! P.S tell Neisha I’m sorry she didn’t get anything and tell her that I love her! Mom tell Mindy I love her!

So I can’t remember what I have told you and what I haven’t so if I repeat thing I’m sorry! So time is really strange here! A day feels like a week but a week feels like a day. So it’s crazy I feel like I have been here for like 4 weeks but at the same time like I just got here yesterday.

 So during gym Linford hurt her hand and they made her go get x-rays,  in gym you don’t have to be with your comp so I was the one that went with her. It was fun to get out and see the real world again. So SARAH the docs place where we went to get x-rays is right next to your house as we walked by I yelled I love you Sarah just so you know. It’s really fun to see people I know it makes me feel really loved.

 As for speaking German its still really hard and I still feel really behind but I know with the Lords help some day I will be able to not only speak it but I will be able to understand it.

So mom when I opened the package with vinegar in it I was like why is my mom sending vinegar? (Thinking she is crazy) then my next thought was I oh maybe there’s baking soda in here too! But no…. it was just for laundry not for making bombs. Lame. But it did help so thanks for sending it!

So because I’m coordinating sister I have like 5 extra meetings on Sunday, it’s strange because I’m the only sister in the room … and the I get escorted around by two elders when I don’t have my comp with me. The MTC is a strange hard place, but good. I feel like they just keep throwing more and more info at me. And I’m only getting small parts.  I have only been here like a week and a half but I feel like I have known these people my whole life and love them so much. I love you all so much and hope things are going well for you!

 Love Ashley


1st Week at the MTC

Dear family,

So as you can see my p-day is on Monday!!!  The MTC is a really great place it’s also a really hard place!!! But the spirit is so strong here you just know you can make it.

     So the first 2 days are fantastic they really pump you up and make you feel good, and they make you feel like you can take on the world. But the 3rd day is the worst!! That’s the day they break people, and they got me. So what happened was they made us teach in German and this was really intimidating (a lot for me because I’m the only one in my group that did not already have 3-4 years of German before coming so I already feel really behind the others.) anyway we went to teach and I just got really frustrated because I knew what need to be said I just didn’t know how to say it in German. And I got upset and just about to that breaking point I feel like I couldn’t do it (the German part that is) Katy I know what you’re thinking but it’s different when you are here! But I held it together pretty sure my comp could see right through me!! So later that night president Dunn had us do a roll play with are comps so what happened was one of us acted as Christ and the other as are self and the one acting as Christ would ask do you love me and we would answer and then they would tell something we were to do this 3 times. So on the second time my comp just looked at me and did not speak (and I was thinking did she forget what to say?) but then she looked at me and I know what I’m suppose but I need to and when she spoke she spoke with the voice of the lord and in German. Open your mouth and I will fill it. And in that moment I knew that I can do this that it will be hard and I will struggle with the language but if I will open my mouth and give my all he will make-up the difference.  And that’s when I started crying and so did my comp. And the next day we went back to teach and I really didn’t want to go back and teach. But I prayed before I went in that I could have peace and be able to use the German that I know to teach. And the lord made good on his part I could understand and I could speak in was very broken bad German but I should speak. Family I know the Lord knows us and he will always be with us when we invite him to come with us.

The food here is not so good it does bad thing to your insides!!!!!!!!!! Also my comp s name is sister Imbach and she truly is amazing I love her so much!

Also Travis it’s not like HP you have to take your stuff to your room. But when I got here the other sister were like woooooo yeahhhhhhhh welcome!!!!! And then they asked where are you going and I said Frankfurt Germany and two sisters started yelling sister we have been waiting for you (these are our older sisters but they are leaving tomorrow so that kind of sad and happy) but it was really great because it felt like I was coming home even though it was to a new place.

So funny story, well first thanks for the green day package! I was the first one to get a package to everyone went with me to get it so it was really fun to get a bra with all the elders around!! hahaha mostly my comp and I just laughed and closed the box.

Well I’m running out of time but know that I love you all   ich  wiess, dass das buch mormom wahr ist   und ich wiess dass jesus christus ist mein erloser. und gott ist mein himmlischer vater und er libet mich und er hort und amforten micn gebeten. ich wiess dass thomas s monson ist wehr propheten hoete. namen jesus christi amen

Love Sister Kingery

Mission Addresses!

Hello Everyone!

Below are Ashley’s mission addresses for now, when she is in Germany they might change, if they do we’ll update you!

MTC Address: (March 14 – April 25)

Sister Ashley Kingery
MTC Mailbox #155
GER-FRA 0425
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, UT 84604-1793

You can also use http://www.dearelder.com  to send Ashley a letter electronically. It’s free, use the address above and it will be printed and put in her mailbox at the MTC.

Ashley’s 1st Germany Address:

Sister Ashley Kingery
Germany Frankfurt Mission
Corneliusstrasse 18 60325
Frankfurt am Main Germany

Thank you for all of your love and support! Ashley looks forward to hearing from you!