3rd Week at the MTC

Dear Family,

It is so good to hear from you !! I just got back from the temple and I feel so much love for you all . The temple is an amazing place and its a place where we can truly become closer to the Lord.

This week has been a little crazy with my comp roomies and myself all getting sick, but we are all better now and I’m so ready to teach the gospel the people of Germany! Brian your right conference is better as a missionary, except for breakfast! I was already to get my BIG conference sunday breakfast and what do we get- cold cereal!! I was not very happy about that one. As for David Archeleta the camera people messed up, he was not suppose to be seen but whatever. I haven’t seen him yet but if I do I’ll let you know.

Mom I so MISSED our girls night out during the priesthood session !!!!!!! they made us watch the YW conference….. and we didn’t even get ice cream after LAME!

Dad good luck with garden you should plant some watermelons for me.

Will you tell the ward I love them and thank them for there prayers. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing support system and I thank you all for it !

Brian it was good to hear from you I thought maybe you had died or BYU had eaten you or something like that. P.S. I now understand what you went thought at the MTC and maybe some of the feelings you had on your mission. Thank you for being such an amazing example to me. I love and respect you so much for what you have done. You are a true and mighty man.

So Elder Gleason’s family lives right next to the MTC and two nights ago his family threw Easter eggs over the fence for us to find. So after we found all 125 of them, we put all the candy in one big bag and then we put “April Fools” notes inside all of the eggs and put them all over the MTC ! It was pretty great to watch people get excited about finding an egg and laugh because we got them. ha ha ha ha

I’m learning a lot about myself and the parts of me I need to change to become more Christlike. Realizing these things, are the hard parts about the MTC, this place is made to break and humble people so that way they are ready to give their all to the Lord before they get to the field. TRAVIS do everything you can now to be ready for mission before you get here and the Lord will bless you greatly.

German is still the hardest part and its frustrating because when we are teaching I can feel the spirit and I know what needs to be said but I don’t have the German to say it yet. I think I’m at the level of a 2 year old in normal talking German and maybe like a 5 year old in LDS German. I memorized my prompts in Geman this week, well most of it, I have a hard time remebering the last line.

We are all hoping they will open the outside fields soon! So we can play outside and not in the gym. Over all it’s been pretty great this week I love you all so much.

PS one of my sisters is haveing a really hard time and is ready to go home please pray for her!!!!!!!

LOVE Sister Kingery (aka Ashley ) (aka KINGS) (aka giggles)


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