4th Week at the MTC

Hi Family !!

So this week has been crazy, a lot has happened !
So for Easter we had one big sacrament meeting, it was so cool, they had 50 some elders passing the Sacrament to all of  the missionaries. Elder Packard came and talked to us, he is a pretty funny guy! The spirit was so strong in that room and its so amazing to see so many good young men willing and ready to serve the Lord. Then we had a testimony meeting and I gave mine in German which was really cool because I was scared out of my mind, but when I got up there the words just came to me it was so amazing!!
I also had a pretty crazy learning experience this week. So my comp and I (Sis. Imbach) went to teach a lesson (in German) and at the end I just blurted out you need to know that families can be together forever and you can have that for yourself. Then we left. Well I felt a little strange about me saying that and my comp was a little mad because she didn’t know why I said it. So the next time we went back to teach that same person Imbach and I had it all planned out and I was going to be teaching most of it. So I started to teach but then I just stopped and no German would come out of me it was crazy! the Lord took my German and my comp gave that lesson without me and I was the one that had prepared for it. But in that moment that my German was taken away I felt the Lord tell me “this is my work and I will give you German when you say what I’m telling you to say and you back it up.”  I knew telling that man about families was done by the spirit not me and I will only have German when I do what the Lord wants! After that lesson my comp and talked about it and we prayed that we might be able to have the spirit with us all ways and in that moment I could feel all the German I know come back in to my head. so I know the gift and power of tongues is real and that is the only way I can learn this language and that I can’t do this with out the Lord because this is his work and his time I’m just tool for him to use!
Thanks for the Easter stuff !! there is no Easter bunny here at the MTC …. sad day !
Mom will you send me Grandma Kingery’s address so I send her a letter?!
Dad and Travis that is so cool that you get to go to a Jazz game ! WOOT WOOT I hope to act like crazy people!
All of the sisters got comfort bessing yesterday and its just so amazing to watch 19 year olds give those. Our Elders are so good us! and my blessing was so amazing I was told what I need to hear. P.S. keep praying for my sisters !
Brian good luck with finals those are always gross !! don’t die ! and It’s true we have lots of fun here. people here know we are the Germans and that we are the loud crazy ones its pretty great !
oh yeah I sat across from that David A. kid at dinner the other night that was pretty funny because he wouldn’t talk to us at all. It was like he didn’t want us to know it was him.
So we only have 2 more week and we are all starting to feel that and we are starting to freakout a little.
Oh mom the reason the mail was so slow this week was because we are on lock down right now no one can come in or out because we had an out break of the flu. (I’m hoping I all ready had it and don’t get it a gain ) if you do get it they make you stay locked up in your room for 5 days to try to keep it for spreading to every one!
I love all the sisters here I feel like they have been my friends for a long time. Its pretty crazy how that happens out here.
So funny story of today! Linford and I put are towels in the same washer and we got up for 1 min and came back to change them to the dryer and and all of her towels where gone but mine were still there…… so we looked threw every washer and dryer in the building and still couldn’t find them. (and we are thinking what kind of sicko steals at the MTC) so we went and checked with Imback and Bohne to make sure they did do something and they didn’t . So we go to the temple and come back and there the towels are just hanging out to dry…. so it’s game on!!!!! We are going to find out who punked us and are going to get them back! Also some one put dryer sheets in my dryer and so I’m going to have to re-wash everything !!
German just keeps getting more confusing and and harder but whatever thats fine, our teachers told us that the goal with us guinea pigs is not to have the langue like the other groups before us did till after we have been in Germany for 9 weeks so whatever…. I feel like i’m going to get over there and be like thats not what they taught me in the MTC .
Erika I didn’t have time to send you your own letter this week but know that I still love you ! Also thank you for your letters and packages they make my day every thime I get one!
Also Erika can you find some good pics of the fam and of me and my friends and send them to me. I’m realizing that they would be nice to have.
Grandma if your still with Erika when she gets this know that I love you so much !!!!!!!
Well my time is out but mom I’m wondering if you can send me some glow in the dark stars 🙂
I love that sun is coming out so much !!! I just wish we didn’t have to sit in a class room all day and miss out on the sun.
I love you all so much the work is hard but its worth it the Lord is making me the person he wants me to be !

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