5th Week at the MTC

Dear Family,
So this week has been really crazy and has gone by way fast!
So this week my comp (Sis Imbach) was playing vollyball and she came down from a block and really messed up her foot, the poor thing has been walking around all week with a limp and she has to be able to jump on it by the end of this week or they might hold her at the MTC till its better. It has been getting better and I know she will jump when they ask because she does not want to stay here.
Mom thanks for sending the glow in the dark stars. Those where just for me to have above my bed as I sleep! I miss the stars I have not got to see them at all sense I have been here.
GUESS WHAT ???!!!!!!!! this is big …….. Drum role …… we got our travel plans this week ahhhhhh!!! We fly out on the 24th ! Only one more week its so crazy and I will most likely be able to call you that day sometime between 11:30am- and 3:30pm because we have a 3 hour lay over. Also Erika I think I can call you too but I’m going to have to check on that?! o we leave here at 4:00am and we leave SLC at 8:20ish and fly in to Texas and that’s when we have our 3 hour lay over and I get to call home. And then we fly straight to Frankfurt !!! We will get there at about 8:30  am the next day, so we will be traveling over 24 hours to get there pretty crazy! Once we are there they give us our new comp, a book of mormon, and we have to go place it, so that will be interesting.
One cool thing of this week Elder Ballard came last night to talk to us. he is way cool.  It’s so strange how we keep getting all of these apostles and they are all so funny. Just way different than I remember.
So we sing everyday in class and Imbach and I have been working on learning “ich brouch dich allezeit” (I need thee every hour) anyways, it was my turn to pick what song to sing and so I picked that one. We started to sing and Imbach and I were really feeling that song and we sang with the spirit; and about half way thought the song I noticed that the Elders had stopped singing and they where just watching us and then I look at our teacher and he had stopped singing and he started to cry. It was really cool because I never thought my lovely singing voice could ever sing like that with the spirit.
Travis I sent you a B-day package it should come sometime this week so let me know when you get it !!!
So we do this thing every week, where we go teach members in German its called TRC ( Brian most likely did this) but this week Imbach and I went and taught 2 older sisters and I thought it went okay but not amazing I know we had the spirit with us but nothing super cool. but Linford and Bohne went in after us and taught the same 2 sisters and they had a little extra time at the end and were talking and they came out yelling Kings (thats me) you rocked it in there! and I was like WHAT?? they said that one of the older sisters had said they could see how nervous I was to use my German as we gave a short lesson to them, but she said as soon I began to give my testamoiny that she could feel the spirit come in to the room and my German just came. So that was really cool and good for me to hear.
Mom my shoes are doing fine I just wish I could wear flip flops here! Everyone in my zone is over being sick so thats good. But mom I can’t believe the one year I’m not there, I make the birthday list thats crazy.
ha ha ha ha ha Brian this is for you, one of my sisters just saw your pick and we think you two should meet someday ! ha ha ha mostly she just told me to tell you that so there you go … and you can take that however you want! but I don’t think it would work she hates Star Wars and I know thats a deal breaker for you 😛
(MTC Fun)
the Book of Mormon truly is the word of God and will help bring more souls unto Christ than any other book on the earth. The Book of Mormon can and will give answers to questions we have in our lives. It will bring joy, peace, comfort, and happiness into our lives on the darkest of days. It will help pull us out of trials and make us stronger. As we read the Book of Mormon daily we can begin to understand Gods love for each of us; and as we begin to understand Gods love for us we can understand how amazing we truly are in his eyes! Because we are his sons and daughters! This will also help us to become calm and see the bigger picture of life. As we put God first in our live and follow his commandments and obey his word, we will be blessed with the fullness of his love and blessings. I challenge you to read the Book of Mormon everyday and not just read it, but read it with the intent to come closer to Christ. If you will do this I promise that you will be blessed.
ich bezugnes dass Jesus Chrishtus mien Erloser und erritter ist. und durch die sonopfer, zurucken uns zu Gott. ich weiss dass Gott mein himmlisher vaterist, und er lebt mich und alle die menchen. ich wiess dass das buch mormon die wort von Gott ist. ich wiess wenn wir lassen das buch mormon wir konnen ein amfort haben. ich weiss dass wenn wir gebeten zu Gott, durch dem name jesus Christi wir empfongen ein amfort mit der heilign geist. ich weiss dass wenn wir liehren und wieckson im das evongelium, wir konnen glucklich wierden. ich lebe mein familie und ich bin donkbar fur mein mission und ich bin begeister zu germany gayen.
I love you all
Sister Kingery

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