Last Day at the MTC!!!

So its my birthday !!!!!!! Can i get a woot woot ! Thanks for all the birthday wishes. This is so crazy its my last day at the MTC. I’m way excited to go teach the people of Germany, but I’m very sad to be split up from my zone….. there are 21 of us and only 6 of us are going to Frankfurt so its going to be very hard to say good bye. Tell Erika that I’m going to try and call her too. Sorry this is going to be short I have a lot I need to get done to day. Oh and guess what they give us like 20lbs of books to take with us so I’m pushing the weight limit in all my bags. I’m hoping they get through(and I have already had to throw a lot out.) But thanks for the birthday package!!!!! we are going to party it up tonight 🙂

Love and miss you Ashley (Sister Kingery)


So I was going to write you a letter but I don’t think I’m going to have time so I’m just going to email you !!! Thanks for the birthday package it really made my day !!! Also the pics of Brooke so cute ! I’m so sad that I’m going to miss her. Also I might call you way early in the morning from SLC if i have time ???? If not it will be later in the day from Texas, so just be ready to anwer when I call deal 😛

I love you so much and hope the best for you.. It’s so crazy that I’m leaving in 20ish hours for Germany ahhhhhhhhhh I’m so excited and so scared all at the same time, but I know everything will be fine because I have the lord on my side.

LOVE YOU !!! Ashley (Sister Kingery)


 MTC Sisters!


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