I’m in Germany!!!

HEY Family !!!!!!!!!!

Well Im alive……. maybe… ha ha ha no things are great. So the flight over here was way too long. I was asleep for most of it, but when you’re flying to Germany how well can anyone really sleep. I do still have some jet lag but its getting better. So we got off the airplane and we had to show our passports to get through, well Sister Imbach and Elder Gambal had something wrong with theirs so they couldn’t get through. So we had to wait for like an hour for them to figure out what to do, but as soon as customs realized they were from the church they got a security guy and we all had to walk with him to find President. Once we found him we were all good no problems. Then we went to the mission office and we had to fill out a bunch of paper work and some of us had interviews with President.

Next we went to the mall and sang and did street contacting. It was way cool I got to see Sister Sprouse (she is one of my older sisters from the MTC) so that was pretty cool. Then they took us to President’s house and we did more interviews and we ate dinner. Best dinner ever (mostly because the MTC food was so bad) but we had a really good dinner, we got know some of the other Elders and Sisters, and then they took us to a hotel and told us to go to sleep. I was so excited for sleep and a shower !!! But first Sister Imbach and I had to say goodbye because we did’t get to sleep in the same room. We got put with other sisters who would be trainning us. I had the best night of rest ever on my mission so far, I think it was because I had been awake for like 36 hours or something crazy like that.

So the next day we had breakfast and then we had a meeting to find out who was going to be our new comps….. dramatic pause…….. my new comp is Sister Nieman she is really great. She is teaching me a lot about how to be the right kind of missionary.

(Me and Sister Nieman)

 So the church has this new thing that is called the 12 week trainning program, so we are to be working on becoming missionaries  and learn how to do everything in those 12 weeks from our new comps- yeah. But I just found out yesterday that I only get mine for 6 weeks now 5 because she is leaving .. her mission is almost over. Sad day. And that I will most likely be taking this area over in 6 now 5 weeks. So crazy !!! I don´t know what Heavenly Father is thinking sometimes.

Oh yeah I´m over Wiesbaden and we live in Maintz. Germany is so international its crazy, there are so many different kinds of people here and they all speak who knows what. My comp can speak English, German and Spanish. So everyone here smokes, its pretty gross if you ask me. I get headaches from it all the time, and where we are its pretty dirty; gum all over the ground and things. The buildings here are so big I’m in more of a city-ish area so not a lot green grass, and if they do have grass its very unkept. We don´t have a car so we have to take the bus, train, and trams or any other kind of public transportation, so that has been a fun new thing to learn about.

Okay so we have two wards here, an American one and a German one that we are working with. so I can undersand about half of the time what is going on. Yesterday we went to church and I got to get up and gave an intro about myself in both wards …. the English one was fine; the German one was okay, they all told me I did really well for only being here for 4 days. I think that was them just being nice to me.

So we have gotten to meet with a few people that has been pretty cool. I´m excited to get to know them all. so we teach in English, German and my comp teaches in Spanish (I never know whats going on when we are talking to Spanish speaking people but thats okay) ever one here is pretty nice. We had a baptism the other night for a 8 year old in the American ward and we went but I guess the Elders were asked to fill the font  and they didn´t know it or somthing so we got there and it was empty so that was a pretty interesting night.

Overall things are going well.Mom I get to skype you for Mother’s day so I need your info for that. Also we need to figure out a time that will work for both of us. I think the best time for us is later in the day so that would be morning\afternoon there. Just let me know, we’ll make this work. Oh yeah I have some rocking blisters.

Well I love all so much and I think thats it for now!

Love Ashley( Sister Kingery)


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