Germany Week 2

Dear Family,

I´m so excited to get to talk to you all this next weekend !! So we will have time here between 6pm-and 8pm I believe that is 10-12  your time … Also I think you might have church then? But I will email you again on Thursday to let you know for sure what time.

So this week has been pretty good a lot has happened this week so I hope I have time to get it all in. First story of the week, we had to go to Frankfurt to get me anmailed which means registered to live here in Germany, it takes too long and is too much work to do it out of Maintz so they just have us go to Frankfurt to do it. I had been having a hard week and I really just wanted a hug from someone that cared. At this point in time my comp and I lived together, but we didn´t really get along yet (we are great now we have lots of fun … we both just needed time to figure out how to love the other person) anywho Sis. Imbach is in Frankfurt, and so that morning before we went running (Travis be ready to pay up buddy because we go running every morning ) I was praying and I told Heavenly Father, “you know, we are going to Frankfurt today and I know Sis Imbach is there and I don´t need to see her but it would be really nice to see her and get an Imbach hug.”

So we got ready for the day and it ended up being a strange day. We missed our train and so we were about 30 min behind in our day because we had to wait for the next one.

 (On the bus) 

Then we got to the place and they were closed because of some meeting they decided to do that day. So we were like great now what . (earlier that week we had got a letter for a different sister and so we had brought that with us) So we decided go to the mission office and give them this letter and see if there is a different place we can go. Well we got to the mission office and they told us where we needed to go and then 4 other new missionarys showed up and some how we got put in charge of them and helping them find where to go. Anyway, we found the place, got every one registered and then we started to head back to the office to drop off the other missionaries becasuse they didn´t know how to get back without us.

So at this point it’s about 2 in the afternoon and we had already pland on being back in Maintz by 1 so we were running way behind. And then we were about 1 block away from the mission office and Sis Imbach and her comp rounded the corner and were walking towards us. At that point we see each other and started running toward each other and  I got my Sister Imbach hug. It just reminded me how much the Lord really does know each of us and he loves each of us for us and how willing he is to bless us. For me, getting that hug that day was a tender mercy of the Lord and I’m so grateful for it because I just felt so love and understood by the Lord in that moment.

So a few days after that we got a call and it was from this MTC guy who had come to see how I was doing …. I got picked … lame. I will have someone coming all throughout my mission to see how I compare to others who got 9 weeks at the MTC. Once again we had to go to Frankfurt ( it takes about 1 and half hours to get there via train or bus). Once again we were running late but the train had not left and my comp jumped on and I jumped on behind her and the doors closed as I was jummping and my arm got stuck in the doors. (“ahhhh” thats what I was thinking 🙂 but it came out just fine and then we walked way like nothing happened becasue everyone was looking at us like we were crazy and once we got to a different cart we started laughing because it was just too funny.

This week I got to try out a bakery they have got some good stuff ….. I am going to have to stay away even though we run so much . I also got to try the ice cream here, oh man its so much better then the stuff back home. I had spaghetti ice cream, and I also found this really cool push pop ice cream that had gummy bears in the stick. I´ll send pics of these. So yummy.


(Push Pop) (Spaghetti ice cream)


We eat with someone every day for either dinner or lunch, the Germans feed you so much and its really rude not to keep eating, finish whats on your plate, and then to have seconds, so normally we don’t eat very much so we have room to get it all in. When we eat with the Americans though, we can say we are full which is nice.

hahaha other funny story, we were going out to see a family and my comp and I got talking and we missed our bus stop so we had to stay on until the next one. Well it took us out to the middle of these big fields it was so much fun and so pretty! That part of Germany is amazing, I don’t care for the city. We had fun taking some pics while we waited for the next bus to come get us and take us back to where we needed to be.

(Missed our stop!)








So Mom I have been having pain in my lower stomach and I’m wondering if I might have an infection. I really don’t want it to be that because if it is, someone is going to make me see a doctor, so pray that it’s not and that it will just go away.

We are have a mission-wide finding day on May 25th and we will all be fasting on the 24th so if you would like to join us that would be great.

We have got a lot of rain this week! Lets just say my unbrella has seen a lot of action.

So Dad question for you. Will you write down your conversion story and send it to me. Mom will you ask Grandma Jordan to do the same. Also Dad where does our last name come from .. everyone asks and I don´t really know ? Oh and all the Germans love my blue eyes its the first thing they say when they meet me . “Your eyes are so blue and then they say and your hair is so dark so prett”y.

I have had two different people talk to me, one German and one American, and after talking with them for a minute they stopped and looked at me and said “I know you from some where! how do I know you ?” ( I´m thinking… like I don´t know I have never met you before…. pre-earth life maybe …) but these are my people I just need to learn how to speak there language.

Well thats it for now  I love you all so much !!!

Love Ashley (Sister Kingery)


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