Germany Week 3

It was so great to talk with you all!!! so because I talked with you all yesterday I´m going to work on sending you some pic so I  hope you enjoy them… Brian thanks for the email!! the rest of you …. i think you know what look I´m giving you ! 🙂

I love you all so much

Ashley (Sister Kingery)

Success Story of the Week: (an email sent out across the mission)

Sisters Nieman and Kingery received a referral from Bishop, und zwar a young adult (age 21) woman, named Barbara Sinnburger. They called her up and Barbara was so excited to meet with them! They met and Barbara already wanted to be baptized!! wow… how cool is that?! SO, they set up a baptismal date for the next week (May 19th). She is totally a golden who has hearkened unto the Shepherd’s voice. And this last Sunday she came to church. This was a miracle that the sisters fasted and prayed for, to find a new investigator to come to church, and the Lord answered the Prayer and more! What a wonderful blessing/success story/MIRACLE!!

Thanks to Elder Ripplinger for being a stud and collecting. Don’t forget to call – 59!

(Building in Mainz) (View from my Apt)


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