Germany Week 4

Dear Family,

I´m thinking this might be shorter letter, so sorry, not much to report on. I doing great, having a blast working with Sister Nieman. We did a lot of work with members this week, our president wants us to build them up and work with and find people through them rather than pushing kligle boxes (door bells) all day so thats pretty cool, it helps us to get to know more people here.

Well this week was okay most of our work went to making sure that Barbara was ready for baptism on Saurdayt. She was and everything went really well.

(Barbara’s Baptism)

Well we went back to Frankfurt this week for a training meeting and it was pretty good. It was fun so see all the people I knew from the MTC and to talk with them about how thing are for them.

Family I’m learning a lot about the church and the gospel, and I’m just starting to understand how lucky I was to be born into a family that already had the knowledge. Don´t ever take it for granted that you have it in your life; love it, believe it,  live it and then go share it! There are so many people who have know idea what they are even looking for so please find them. (and It dosn´t have to be nonmembers it can be as easy as going home teaching or baking cookies with a message…. just find a way that works for you to share the message that the gospel has been restored !!!

Well thats all for now. I love you all so much !

Love Ashley, Sister Kingery

PS I got my card in the mail it was pretty fun to get real mail…… Mom how did you get my address?? I did´t give it to you!  Travis I got your graduation card with your pic and I was like look at that stud muffen!! WOOT WOOT I hope it all goes well , good luck !!


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