Germany Week 5

Dear Family,

This was very interesting week to say the least …. the Lord had a lot for m eto learn … lets just say it was the hardest week I have had so far.    But I made it through the week and I´m happy and ready to start a new one!

Funny story of the wee,k we went running to a park (like we do everymorning) (ps Travis I have lost 15lbs so be ready to pay up buddy) but we went to the park and I found a balance beam and I thought I bet I could a cart wheel on that …. My companion was just like don´t hurt yourself.   So I jumped up on it and did about 3 or 4successful cartwheels on it.   Then I thought I wonder if I can do a hand stand?  So I tried it …. Well that one didn´t go over so well I fell off really hard and my whole left leg is covered in one big bruise.   But it was real epic hahahaha.

(Practicing My Handstands)

Dad thank you so much for your story!!  That was pretty amazing!!!! ps Brian I got dads story 😛 So it has been so hot here.  I have never felt heat like this before.   I think it feels so hot because it is so humid but whatever it’s hot!  And they have no otter pops here so I´m not sure what I´m going to do about that.

So my companion has been working with this 78 year old lady for the last 9ish months and we get to go with her to the temple this weekend!  I´m so excited that will most likely be the high light of my week!!   I´m also going on a split this week I´m going to Ktown for almost 2 days so that should a fun new adventure.





Mom could you tell Emma Packard thanks for the letter she sent me?   I have a letter to send her but I just need to figure out how?  I thought it was really sweet of her to send me one. Well that’s all for this week!!



Thanks for your love and support it´s felt!   I miss you and I miss all of your hugs andl ove you all so much!!

Ashley (Sister Kingery)


Ps could one of you tell Sarah and Katy Hi for me and that I love them too!   And I hope to be sending a letter soon whenI figure out how!!??


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