Germany Week 6

Hello Family,

This week was Fantastic! I hope I have time to tell you everything !!   But first, Mom that´s great that you got the call centerjJob … What all do you have to do?    Just answer phones??    Traviee boy I miss your face so much.    Also I hope you get the job at response thatwould be good for you!   Brian no e-mail this week … sad day   we had so much fun last week!   Tell Derrick Atiken congrats for me that’s so exciting !! Dad I hope all is going well for you know that I love you!! Kayla…. hahaha nursery that will be good for you.   Have fun with all those little people. Tell Mindy I say hi and also tell the Baldwin’s I say hi.

So this week was kind of crazy first I went on a split to ktown.    That was okay but it made me love my companion more because the sister I was with has a lot more issues then I would want to deal with.   We get to ktown and we start walking and we have been walking for about 15 to 20 min and I was like how much longer till we get home because it was after 9 by this point and so we needed to be getting home.  She looked at me like I think we are lost … ha-ha    So we then backtracked all the way till we found something that she knew.   But she still could not remember the way home.  So I was like well let’s say a prayer (because I don´t know this place at all).   So then I asked her well do you know the name of the street you live on.  She was like yes  and I was like good let’s ask some people if they know where that street is.   So after asking like 7 different people we found our home. But that was pretty epic to be lost in Germany…  the rest of the time with her was okay.   She was really sick so we only did a half day and then she crashed so I got a lot of study time.

I got to try my first donner this week … it’s this super yummy sandwich like thing oh man so good!! Oh and then yesterday for church we went walking to help one of the members find her way to church but it was raining so hard.  It is a good thing we had umbrellas.   But even with them we got drenched!   I so wanted to take a picture. It was one of those epic missionary moments.   Two missionaries walking down a street with pouring rain epic!!!

Allergies are starting to kick in and I might die from them… ha-ha   No just kidding I´ll be fine but  mom I´m so glad that you sent me so many drugs at the MTC woot woot

So then we went to the temple with Mary!!!!  So Amazing I just love the temple so much and it was so cool to be there.  It’s like going home every time.

(Frankfurt Temple with Mary)










Funny story of that trip.   So we got a ride to the temple with some members.   But afterwards they were like can you just take the train home… we were like yes that’s fine. So we had a nice train ride back to Mainz. So my leg is doing much better…. But my companion’s favorite thing to tell me now is Jacob 6:12.   O be wise,what more can I say.  (Whenever I do or have a crazy idea to do things like cartwheels and handstands 🙂

This is our last week together she is going back home and (drum roll …….) I´m going to Freidrichdorfs!!  This is where the temple is so yes I am going to be a temple sister for at least the next 6 weeks. So my new companion’s name is Sister Hanson and she will be finishing training me so that should be fun.   I have met her already and I think we are going to get along just fine.  So I will get to give temple tours and things.  But I think this is happening because I need to learn German….. I won´t have an English ward anymore everything will be in German woot wooot !!   I hope that someday I get to come back to Mainz again after my German is better and work these people again that would be so amazing!

  (Last Day in Mainz)


So because both Sister Niemen and I are both leaving it´s going to be an adventure to get all of our stuff to Frankfurt via Train and bus and such.  So we´ll see how that goes .

Well I think that´s it for now we have a lot we need to get done today so we can be ready for this upcoming week!!!

Any who I love you all so very much and hope you have a super fantastic week because I know I will!!! 🙂

Love you all, a million red m & m´s

Ashley (Sister Kingery)


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