Germany Week 7

Oh Family,

Things are just so amazing Friedrichdorfs is so pretty we live right next to the woods and we get to go running in them every morning !! love it  ! It mostly makes me want to build a treehouse in them.   But the temple is grea tI love that it only takes a 5 min walk to get there and we just get to absorb the spirit all day!!

So Sister Hansen, is just fantastic so full of life and so loving.   We are going to have a blast this transfer.   So I will for sure be here for the next 5 weeks after that it’s up to the Lord if I stay or get transferred out…. so yeah.


(First Day With Sister Hansen)






Well I don´t really have a funny or good story for you this week so you should send me one …. Maybe I´ll have one next week after I´m more settled in. Oh my gosh Brandon and Ashlee WHAT that is so crazy!!

Oh man family I am just loving life right nowthings are just so great.  I´ve been doing a lot of thinking about the atonement over the past few days and Its so amazing.  How much it really works in every aspect of our lives.  He knows everything not just our sins but our pains, our heartaches, our hopes, our dreams, our weaknesses.  I have felt it working so much in my life over the last few weeks and I´m so grateful for it.  I know it´s real and it´s hard because I don´t feel like I have the words to even explain it.   It’s just something that is so personal for each one of us.   It’s so amazing how much love he has for us it´s never ending.  Family he is there to help us though everything.  I love you all so much and hope you have the best week ever!!

I love you so much!!

Ashley (Sister Kingery)


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