Germany Week 8

Dear Family,

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what is going on…. so Mom and Dad you are moving toPrescott Arizona that is so crazy yo!!! But I´m so happy for that blessing in your lives!   Mom what are you thinking leaving the boys with a house and no parental supervision???   And I´m guessing that means that Travis is also getting my car…..    Have you thought this one through an 18 year old living in a house by himself and a car??   I think that’s so not fair I would have never been allowed to do that.  But whatever that’s life.   Travis enjoy your freedom just don´t be dumb you still have a mission buddy!   Also who is going to take care of itchy??   I don´t think he would move well without me and the boys will forget him.

So what is the new job?   It sounds like its good enough that Mom doesn’t have to work anymore that is great.  Mom I’m so happy you are going to get a break….   You should take my hammock to AZ with you and just read books in the sun and eat blue otter pops, that would be amazing!  Oh and that will be so great that you will be near Erika when she has Brooke.   You are going to love being a Grandma.

So I’m guessing all of my info will stay with the red pines ward yeah? DAD Happy late Father’s day!!!!   I hope it was the best ever and that someone made a big yummy chocolate cake (I would have made you one)!   I’m so excited for your new job that is so freaking fantastic!!!!   I hope this job will be something that you will enjoy doing!   Also thank you for sharing your testimony about prayer with me, never forget those moment when you feel his love.   It´s so true that the Lord really does love each of us so much and He is always there will and waiting to bless us.    All we have to do is live the gospel and that’snot hard because it’s so easy and just makes our lives so much better!!   Ican´t tell you how many of my little prayers have been answered out here just small things but it reminds me that I am a child of a loving Heavenly Fatherwho loves me.  Dad I love you so much.

(Creepy Gnome House)

(Cool Building in Friedrichsdorf)

So yes it is summer here I think it rains a lot I´m making good use of my umbrella.   But things are such a blur these days everything happens so fast and I can never remember what happened on what day….. I think I´m going to have to start writing it down every day cuz I really can’t remember.   But the people here are so kind they love totalk to us and that´s great.   So I´m starting to understand German a little more but I sure can´t speak it yet.   So let’s pray that I get the gift of tongue sbecause I need it.   It’s pretty bad yo. Bu tI just love being out here on the mission. Again I´m running out of time….. Time what is time on a mission we never have enough, always working.  Also mom I told Erika about this but I´m going to Frankfurt tomorrow and I will see about a blessing and such. But I love you all so much and hope only the best for you!!!

Love Ashley (Sister Kingery)


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