Germany Week 9

Well Family,

This week is going to be short because I´m going to try and send you people some pics of what has been going on. I´m glad to hear that all is going well and that the Lord is blessing you. Mom don´t worry about when I come home ….. because I´m not sure it´s going to happen ! hahahah jk someday but not for along time to lets not talk aobut that.  If we do I´m just fine coming to AZ, I don´t need to come home to UT.

We have had a great week, we went to a sick house to play music and when I say we I mean Sister Hasen because we all know how well I play and sing ….. but we found a whole group of people that wanted to talk with us so we have been holding Sunday School every night at the sick house. its pretty sweet we normally have about 8 people and we gave them all Books of Mormons.

(Fun at the Temple)


We also came up with great finding idea. We tell people we are making a movie and ask them if they will hold the BOM and say something to the camera and they say yes and then they want to know more, like, what is book,  what are you two crazy sisters doing in Germany, its pretty great and its alot of fun. and the best is we are making a movie out of the clips of our president. I’m going to go load so pics up for you all okay.

Love Ashley (Sister Kingery)


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