Germany Week 10

Hi fam,

Well it sounds like things are going great for you all …… It´s strange to be so far away when the fam is going though so many changes but whatever I´m happy thing are going well for you. Mom how is not having to work? Im sure you are loving that. Also I´m glad you liked the pics. This week has been really good for me here ….. I love not having the stress of the world a mission is really great !

Funny story of the week we went running this week and we ran around this corner and a big dog just started chasing us (yes first dog story) lucky for us its master was close and it didn’t eat us.

(Having Fun at the Temple) 

Good news for the work, so about 4 weeks ago this lady gave her phone number to 3 different members so she could learn more about the church because she walks past the temple every day. So we have been teaching her; for the 2nd or 3rd time, we showed her the Joseph Smith movie and after it ended she was crying and she looked at us and she just said “I need to go pray.” We were like okay. and two days later we met with her again and she was like” I want to be baptized !!!!” It’s so crazy when the Lord just gives us the people that are ready !! Well that’s it for this week.

Love you all,  Ashley


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