Germany Week 11

Dear Family well things are going pretty great . there is not much to complain  about when all do is the work of the lord. but lets see what was I going to tell you about this week??

Well so funny story there are 3 old men who are gardeners for the temple. They are pretty grand they like to put snales in our hand when we shake with them. One day I was talking on the phone outside and one of them sprayed me with the hose!! It was pretty funny. but we have big plans for them …… we are going to get water balloons and use some other things that we have and we are going to launch them at them. They also told us that if we ever want they will turn on the sprinklers for us to run hahahahaha.

This last week we needed to get to an appointment and my comp has been here for awhile and she knows all of the bus drivers. So we found one he was totally done working and we got him to give us a ride it was pretty epic. The working is going great as well but hard I wish so much that I could speak better in German to tell these people of Gods love for them.

Fam I love you and hope all is going well. so I have a surprise for you all I´m going to send you a pic of it bwahahahah so sort letter and some pics of this weeks adventures.

Love Ashley



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