Germany Week 12

Hi Family !!!

whaaaahoooooooo !!!!! Brooke is so cute !! I wish so much that I could be there to hold her but I can’t so give her a big hug for me and tell her that I love her !! and that someday I will be her favorite aunt !!  also thanks for the pics .

So to start out this letter the big news of the week (drum roll please………) I get to stay in Friedrichsdorf with Sister Hansen !!! We are so excited we have such big plans for this transfer we are going to really blow this place out of the water.

But I want to tell you about my last week because it was one of the coolest weeks … we did so much work we hit a record of 32 lessons this week woot woot.   But that’s not why it was so cool.   It all started last Monday on P-day we held an FHE we had a good number of people show.   it was so beautiful the spirit was so strong and we just spent the whole night talking about Jesus.   Then the next day I got to go to the temple because we get to go every other week because we are here with it !!   That is such an amazing blessing because I have been to the temple 4 times now on my mission and some missionary only get to like 2 times their whole missions.   I love getting to go because every time I walk in I just feel like I’m home and there is so much peace and calmness.   I love the temple so much!!   But it was especially cool this week because it was French week this week.(   So every few weeks people from different places come who don´t have temples in their areas) so this week was French week.    This is also really cool because Sister Hansen and I were joking about just taking the train to Paris…. but we can’t really do that.  But it was cool because we couldn’t go to Paris the lord brought Paris to us!   These people gave me so much strength and more zeal to do missionary work.  They just had no fear in anything that they did.   They just love the Lord so much and have so much confidence in Him that they wanted to give that to every one they came in contacted with even if they couldn´t speech the language.   They came on joint teaches with us and taught lessons it was so freaking amazing I want to be more like the French.   But on their last night here they had a testimony night and they asked us to do a musical number for them hahahaha that was so funny because anyone who knows me knows that I´m not a singer so what we did is the song As I have loved you and I did the sign language for it as Sister Hansen played the guitar.

We also had a group of non-member Russians come through about 6 of them. We meet them right after we came out of the temple. So we gave them a temple tour. They really seemed to like it. But it was really cool because only one of they spoke German 2 spoke English so we would say something and one of them would have to translate it into Russian.   But they are a singing dancing group that is traveling though Germany and they did a show that night at our church house and we went to support them also we got 4 of our investigators there. And a lot of the French people came as well so it was just a fun party.   But the next day we met up with the Russians again and showed them the restoration Joseph Smith film in Russian.   They all really liked it and a few of them had questions so we called Frankfurt and got them all copies of the book of Mormon in Russian and gave them to them that night. But sad story they had to leave town so we go addresses and numbers and sent them to the missionaries in Russia so hopefully they find them.

Other super cool thing so on Sunday we had to go to primary because they needed someone to play the piano … Sister Hansen can play really well.   I love being with the little people I felt so at home with them and not judged they don’t care if I can speak German or not they just love.   I can understand why Jesus would call the little ones to him they have the spirit with them and are so much more willing to learn and they just love.   Their hearts are just so pure… why do we get hard hearts??

So my favorite scripture of the week is D&C 5:34.   It helped me a lot because I was running to fast and it really hit me to just stop and listen for the spirit and it will tell me what I need to do and when.    Family I love this gospel with all my heart and I know that Jesus is the ONLY way back.   And we put all of our focus on him all of the bad unimportant things will fall out of our lives and the goodness will increase and our lives will be greatly blessed. And not only our lives but the people around us as well.   Family go find Christ make him apart of your daily life to the point where he is in every thought and every action.

I have a question for you all so I want a list from all you all!!   What would say are my talents??   What are the things I´m good at?   And if there was only one thing I could do for people what would you say that one thing is??   I just would like to know what you all think because you know me better than anyone.

Family I love you so very much and hope only the best for you, I pray for you daily I hope that you can feel of my love for each of you.

Mit liebe Immer (with love always)

Sister Kingery



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