Germany Week 18

Well Family…

I have good new and some bad new …. well its all really just the same news……I´m staying here in Friedrichsdorf but Sister Hansen is moving on to Hamm … I will get my new comp this week her name is Sister Kraith. so yup I am taking this area over and I´m a little scared out of my mind to do it.
My German is not good enough for that. …. president wants me to be able to start training by next transfer… ahhhh I’m not ready for that at all. But this week was pretty good I went on split back to Mainz that was fun I got so see all the people I got to know there and one is coming for a temple tour next week so that should be really grand.
We also did our mini Girls camp that was rock star bomb. I love working with the young people!!! No more working with old people ! Yes its still way to hot here but it’s getting a little better.
Wwell we also went to Kuningstein today and saw a way cool old castle that was pretty sweet. Well I don´t have a lot of time I have to go because we have a lot to get done be for we get split up. … i so not okay with that. well fam I hope all is going will and I love you
ps mom I got my package but not the letter yet … I only get letters from the mission office every 6ish weeks so yeah I should be seeing it soon.

Germany Week 17

Dear Family,

Well this week has been the hottest one of them all. we have had record breaking heat all week-long. I’m meltting like a popsicle …. but the Lord is so good we found otter pops woot! woot! They are really hard to find but we found a whole box!!! And yes they even had blue ones.!
So a lot has happened this week like every week so I hope can tell you a little about it. It started with a mini zone conference …. those are either really good and just packed with lots of up lifting things or they are really long. This one was more of a long one because its like 6 hours long and we didn’t do any thing interactive we just listened to people give their spills the whole time about us getting more baptisms so that was a long day !!!
Then we had a day where the we went on splits with the Elders … haha stop I know what your thinking but mostly they just followed us around to see how we did thing because one of them is our district leader and he wanted to, but that was fun because we have this one lady we are teaching who has two teen age daughters and they will not speak to us but they were sure excited to meet out two Elder friends.
We also did this really Book of Mormon activity with YSA. We put together a bbq activity for them at one of the member’s house and we got two less active there and two investigators- sweet. And all the others that came thought it was so cool because they have not had an activity like that in Friedricksdorf for lthe YSA in like 5 years or something crazy like that. and I´m really excited for this weekend because we are doing a mini girls camp because we are trying reactivate some girls and get some investigators there. and we all know how much I love girls camp bwahahaha .
I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week !!!! Ashley

Germany Week 16

Hello Family,
It sounds like everything went well for the wedding ….. send me some pics please.

Lets see what to tell you about this week well we did some really cool finding activities this week, we got some chalk and drew out the plan of salvation on the ground. we also brought along one of the young women from our ward. She is such a rock star! It was way cool because people would just give us weird looks and ask like what is this …. and so we would walk with them and tell them about each part. It was really good for me because that was the first time I taught or talked with someone in German with out my comp because we where talking to lots of people.

But there was this one guy, it was so funny, he was just determined to tell me that was crazy but I did back down in my and so he just left … he told me that God is made up and just in my head. hahaha that is so false. but I talked with this other group and we might be giving them a temple tour so that would be way cool if that happens.

Another crazy thing we did well it was more Sister Hansen then me because I thought she was crazy as well, but we went in wedding dress shops and tried on dresses and told the people how we are going to get married in a temple and talked to them about the temples and what that means so us and the Sister Hansen also talked about the law of chastity with them so that was pretty fun.
I’m just loving life it´s so grand !!!! But I want to send you some pics this week of the fun things that I have been doing so so this is all for this week but know that I love you and I will talk to you all next week !!

mit liebe immer




Germany Week 16 -PICTURES

This is a pic with Elder and Sister Derr they are the best !! They took us out dinner that night and they have this cool German learning program on their computer so we go over and and use it.

P-Day, Plan of Salvation activity


Awesome girl in our ward that helped!


God’s plan for us!



Great Friends! Members that we met at the temple

The cake…it was for a boy in our wards 4th birthday. His mom was stressed out and we thought we could help…I thought we could make a cookie monster cake, that didn’t work out, so we tried to make a cool rainbow cake…that didn’t work out either

More Cake….The other girl is in our ward

Another Temple Group

One of the ladies we are teaching

A brother in our ward who greets everyone with a big smile every Sunday! It’s pretty great!

Sister Hansen and I having a fantastic time!

Eating at our favorite cafe with the best YSA from our ward and two girls we met there and will hopefully get to teach !!

Germany Week 15

Hi family !!
well it sounds like you all are going to have a very busy week, I hope every thing goes well. tell every one I say hi back and that I love and miss them.

Mom, I got my credit card in the mail on of the elders had it and forgot to give it to me… I don´t know about a package yet we only get mail from the office every 6ish weeks but I´m going to Frankfurt this week (because I got a ticket) so I´ll stop by the office and see if it’s there.

But I´m guessing you are wondering about this ticket now…. not that big of a deal. so we get train, and bus cards for every month and they don´t check them every time you ride. but some how I lost mine (and I had know idea or I just would have gotten a day pass because it was the last day of the month) but they decided to come and check us and sure enough no pass!! so lame !! so I just have to pay a 40 euro fine now.
Also speaking of fun things I passed my driving test so I will be getting my German drivers license soon and I can now drive mission cars!! woot woot the Elders arent to excited about this because now they have to share the car with us …..
So the work is going pretty well we have found two of the coolest people you will ever meet! we found them about a month a go but then they went on vacation.. But they are back now. They are from Scotland and are so kind, loving and warm. I feel so at home with them.

Last night we went over to the international wards bishop’s house (because they speak English and so does he) and we watched the restoration video it was really great.
German is still really hard for but I´m learning more everyday.

Family and any one who wants to write to me can you tell me a time you were faced with something really hard in your life and you saw the Lord’s hand in your life. tell what that felt, did it make that had thing less hard or just more bearable.

Thanks for all your prayers and love !!
love you all Ashley !!

first pic is us with an older sister from the ward she is great she feeds us once a week and will come with us on joint teaches. It so great to have members come along becasue they really help out with the language when we are stuggling to find the right words or make something more clear.


P-Day, Getting ready to do something epic!!!


A group we gave a temple tour to, for one of the guys this is like his 3rd temple tour he just keeps coming back and bring his friends so thats pretty cool !