Germany Week 16

Hello Family,
It sounds like everything went well for the wedding ….. send me some pics please.

Lets see what to tell you about this week well we did some really cool finding activities this week, we got some chalk and drew out the plan of salvation on the ground. we also brought along one of the young women from our ward. She is such a rock star! It was way cool because people would just give us weird looks and ask like what is this …. and so we would walk with them and tell them about each part. It was really good for me because that was the first time I taught or talked with someone in German with out my comp because we where talking to lots of people.

But there was this one guy, it was so funny, he was just determined to tell me that was crazy but I did back down in my and so he just left … he told me that God is made up and just in my head. hahaha that is so false. but I talked with this other group and we might be giving them a temple tour so that would be way cool if that happens.

Another crazy thing we did well it was more Sister Hansen then me because I thought she was crazy as well, but we went in wedding dress shops and tried on dresses and told the people how we are going to get married in a temple and talked to them about the temples and what that means so us and the Sister Hansen also talked about the law of chastity with them so that was pretty fun.
I’m just loving life it´s so grand !!!! But I want to send you some pics this week of the fun things that I have been doing so so this is all for this week but know that I love you and I will talk to you all next week !!

mit liebe immer





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