Germany Week 17

Dear Family,

Well this week has been the hottest one of them all. we have had record breaking heat all week-long. I’m meltting like a popsicle …. but the Lord is so good we found otter pops woot! woot! They are really hard to find but we found a whole box!!! And yes they even had blue ones.!
So a lot has happened this week like every week so I hope can tell you a little about it. It started with a mini zone conference …. those are either really good and just packed with lots of up lifting things or they are really long. This one was more of a long one because its like 6 hours long and we didn’t do any thing interactive we just listened to people give their spills the whole time about us getting more baptisms so that was a long day !!!
Then we had a day where the we went on splits with the Elders … haha stop I know what your thinking but mostly they just followed us around to see how we did thing because one of them is our district leader and he wanted to, but that was fun because we have this one lady we are teaching who has two teen age daughters and they will not speak to us but they were sure excited to meet out two Elder friends.
We also did this really Book of Mormon activity with YSA. We put together a bbq activity for them at one of the member’s house and we got two less active there and two investigators- sweet. And all the others that came thought it was so cool because they have not had an activity like that in Friedricksdorf for lthe YSA in like 5 years or something crazy like that. and I´m really excited for this weekend because we are doing a mini girls camp because we are trying reactivate some girls and get some investigators there. and we all know how much I love girls camp bwahahaha .
I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week !!!! Ashley

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