Germany Week 18

Well Family…

I have good new and some bad new …. well its all really just the same news……I´m staying here in Friedrichsdorf but Sister Hansen is moving on to Hamm … I will get my new comp this week her name is Sister Kraith. so yup I am taking this area over and I´m a little scared out of my mind to do it.
My German is not good enough for that. …. president wants me to be able to start training by next transfer… ahhhh I’m not ready for that at all. But this week was pretty good I went on split back to Mainz that was fun I got so see all the people I got to know there and one is coming for a temple tour next week so that should be really grand.
We also did our mini Girls camp that was rock star bomb. I love working with the young people!!! No more working with old people ! Yes its still way to hot here but it’s getting a little better.
Wwell we also went to Kuningstein today and saw a way cool old castle that was pretty sweet. Well I don´t have a lot of time I have to go because we have a lot to get done be for we get split up. … i so not okay with that. well fam I hope all is going will and I love you
ps mom I got my package but not the letter yet … I only get letters from the mission office every 6ish weeks so yeah I should be seeing it soon.

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