Germany Week 22 -PICTURES

Hanging out with the Elders


Wearing our winter coats!


Life-Size Candyland


Sleeping on the train


Hanging out with the international Sisters


Love the international Sisters!


Creepy Gnome Card we left in the international sister’s mailbox because they are always getting creepy love notes


District BBQ


More District BBQ


Interntational Sister


Cool YSA


Walking to mini Zoko


On the “Harry Potter” train

Eating lunch on P-Day


Sister Kreth’s Gnome Family around the Campfire


Fixing a light bulb that shattered everywhere


Newest member of Sister Kreth’s Family


Chillin at the park


More at the park


On the bus





















Germany Week 22

Well what to say about this week oh boy,
Well to start off this week we had another mini Zoko which was really good.   I like getting together with the other missionaries and learning what they have done and things that have helped them become better missionaries.   Then we got to help out with the young women we did a life size candy land game with them.   It was the bomb the girls loved it.   One of the girls said why don’t we have activities like this more often.   So it’s pretty cool we are like way good friends with all of them now!!   Sweet.   Oh and to answer your question its cold here…. way cold it all happened like overnight.   I had to UN pack all of my coats and winter things this week.   Also it’s really dark now we wake up in the dark and come home in the dark … I don’t really like that.   And now I just drink hot chocolate for breakfast because it’s too cold for anything else.   And all the Germans just make fun of me because they just keep telling me that it’s not cold yet.
This week has gone by so fast and it’s crazy to think that we are back to Monday again.   Family we spent most of this week working and learning about how important members are to missionary work.   We are planning on meeting with all of the families in our ward and making a family mission plan.   Missionaries are not the finders the members are and we need your help.   So please make a family mission plan.   It can be as easy as once a week posting something online about what you have read or learned this week in the scriptures or sharing a Mormon message or making a family goal to give out one book of  Mormon each month or finding someone on the street to share you testimony with.   There are so many different way to share the gospel so please do it.
So funny story of the week we were down at them temple and Sister Kreth need to go to the bathroom so we went inside to the little temple office building and I was waiting in the hall reading so church pamphlets when I heard the bathroom door  .  I had this brilliant thought of scaring Sister Kreth as she came around the corner.   So I flattened against the wall and waited and the footsteps got closer and I jumped out.   There was a scream but it wasn´t Sister Kreth…. it was this way old lady ha-ha.   I felt so bad but luckily she just laughed with me for like 5 min about it and I told her about how I thought she was my companion coming out of the bathroom.   So moral of the story make sure the person you are trying scare is who you think they are.
But life is pretty great I love being out here. And I hope you all have a fantastic week love you so much!!! Ashley (Sister Kingery)

oh PS: I almost for the best news of all … Drum roll please….. The Prophet Thomas S. Monson is coming to Germany next month!!!!!! woot woot and if I stay in or near Frankfurt I will get to see him

Travis I need you to make me some sweet CD´s of some bomb music.   So whatever you can find anything classical like or sound tracks work here and Disney I really would like the tangled sound track that would be great.   So because you don’t have a job or anything I need you to do this this week 🙂 deal pickle.   Also please send some French vanilla hot chocolate and some normal Swiss kind for Sister Kreth.   Oh and a flash light that does not need batteries I need to pack one all the time now because I don’t like walking in the dark.

Germany Week 21

Wow okay so I have decided that my life is never going to be normal on a mission and I will never have a normal week.

So it all started last week on Monday we had gone to Frankfurt to play sports with all of the other missionaries and Sister Kreth about half way through the time was like I have to go to the bathroom I was like go …. But she just kept not coming out … but finally she did and when she came back she was holding a paper towel so my first thought was oh no she is hurt …    Then I saw the little black thing in the middle of the paper towel.   Oh yes she dropped our phone into the toilet ha-ha.  It was so funny she was a little stressed about it and I just thought it was so funny.   So we put it in some rice and prayed really hard that it would work again so we would not have to get a new one.   Because all of the phone numbers that we need are on it.   And sure enough the next morning it worked just fine!!

Then on Tuesday we went to Heidelberg for a zone conference and we got to ride on one of the coolest train ever!!   I like to call it the Harry Potter train.  I was pretty sure when I got off I was going to be at Hogwarts…. sadly I was still in Germany not Harry Potter land.   But Zoko was great we spent the whole day talking about the Book of Mormon and nothing else it was amazing.   Plus we had 3 zones there so that meant we had 10 sisters there which is really cool because there are only 20 of us so that means we had half of us there.

After the meeting I went to Ktown on a split with (drum roll ….) Sister Imbach (from MTC) ha-ha love her so much.   It was so cool to get to work with her again.   We got to be on a splits for 2 and half days because her companion was being trained to be a ´real temple worker because they had a girl coming from Alabama.  But any way they didn’t have any one who could speak her language but Sister Kapllanni could so they used her so cool.

So Sister  Imbach helped fix my hair a little as in she cut it a little.   So we were sitting at home and I was like I need get these hairs cut they are so boy like … and she look at me and was like I can cut them …   So I said have you ever cut hair before … she said yeah in a very unsure way so I said ok because if it turned out bad it would just make a really good story for later…    But no worries my hair just looks better.   So then I had to leave Sister Imbach … sad day.   But on the way back we got to ride on an ice they are the really fast high-class trains.   And I was sure I was being taken to play in the hunger games it was so cool ha-ha I love Germany.

So then I got back to Friedrichsdorf… and it was so cool I felt like I was coming home from vacation … I don’t think I can ever leave.   Friedrichsdorf has really become my home and I have so much love for that place and the people and it just felt right to be coming to it.   Also I realized I don’t know how to do finding without the temple … and I never want to live very far from one.   I just love strolling on to temple plaza and knowing everyone and just talking to everyone and then the best part is it is a spirit power house.  I just feel so much peace like nothing can go wrong when I’m in or near the temple plaza.   But Sister Kreth told me that everyone was freaking out when I was not with her like I was gone forever.   And when I got back everyone was like why didn’t you tell us you were leaving ….  I was like because I was only gone for 2 day and I was coming back … silly people.   But I love them so much.

I love you all so much Ashley

Germany Week 20

Wow okay family it has been one really fast crazy week and I don´t have a lot of time because we are trying to get to Frankfurt so we can play with all the other missionaries.

Okay so first story of the week so my new companion Sister Kreth has about 6 little gnome they are pretty cool…. but can be a little creepy when they start wandering around the house ha-ha.  So I had just gotten up for the day and went to the bathroom and looked over for some TP and a little creepy red hat was sitting there staring me down ha-ha and then I kept finding them all over the house in really random places.  So funny but this was when we still had the international sisters with us so we put all the gnomes sitting around a camp fire for when they came home so funny.

Next story so we had to give a temple tour this week and the people only spoke Spanish…. luckily we found a girl who could translate for us.   But it was so crazy because they would be speaking Spanish and I could understand what they were asking and talking about.  Then I would answer before the translator could tell us in English and the Spanish people just kept saying you know Spanish.   No I don´t know Spanish but with the spirit I could understand Spanish that day!

So next grand story of the week we had some finding time and both of us got purposed to ha-ha.  We were sitting on a bench just drink some water and these two old guys saw our name tags and started asking us about the church because of the whole Mitt Romney thing going on in America …    We get lots of people who stop and ask us things because of him.   But I think something must have been said about us having lots of wives on the news because that’s the first thing people want to know about.   But any way so we talked with the old guys and by the end they had asked us to marry them …   so that was not going to fly but I was pretty excited to get my first mission marriage purposing. ..

Next thing we did was a way fun activity with the young women.    It’s so cool we go there every week now after we do an announcement in RS.   Ha-ha I love YW and the girls love having us and they are so cool and will come teaching with us …   I wish we would have had some sister missionaries to go out with when I was younger.    But we did temple time capsules with them it was so much fun.    The girls just thought we were crazy and we probably are but that’s okay it was way fun….

Okay next grand story so you know how we got our bikes fixed well I crashed mine about 2 days ago….   Yeah I know right it was pretty epic and I didn’t even get that hurt.

But over all this week has been so amazing we have seen so many miracles already.   This transfer is going to be really good.   Well fam I have to go but I hope all is well and know that I love you so very much!!!!

Love Ashley

Germany Week 19

Well Hello There Family !!
Oh boy what to say about this week ??? !!! Well Sister Hansen and I had our cry fest and goodbyes and hugs were said and given. It was really hard and sad to see her go because she is and will forever be a best friend.

Sso she passed on the Friedrichsdorf torch to me….. not that I wanted it but I got it. I also got my new comp I think I told last week but her name is Sister Kreth. Funny story she to is from CA this is 4 for 4 all of my Comps have been from there. I think someone might want me to move there after my mission ….. or I might be someone who can get along really well with the crazy CA girls. But sister Kreth is great she is a lot of fun and most important she is someone I can laugh with. It will be different then it was before but still good she has a lot of zeal for the work.

I have been really stressed this week because I have been the one making all the phone calls and getting to and from places and all.  But you know what, every time I needed to use German and I felt like I didn´t know what to say to make myself understood words just seem to come, and some how even though I didn´t know every word these people where saying to me I knew what they ment and I could understand its so amazing how much Heavenly Father is watching out for us.

I think I might just a little bit of a stresser outer and the Lord knows that and He knows what I can do…. even when I think its more than what I can do. So this last week we have had the international sisters (they are from that ward, that works in Frankfurt) staying at out apartment because theirs in under construction so it has been a party every night …. we need sleep. but I think I´m going to miss them when they go its fun to have more than just one person with all the time.

Oh there names are Sister Nelson and Sister Heindel…. so  yesterday sSster Heindel got purposed to in a letter for a 55 year old man that they have been teaching hahahahahah I laughed for like 3 days about it so funny.
Oh other really grand story, so you remember how I went on a splits back to Mainz and I got to seevone of the girls we were working with when I was there. Well she made it to the temple yesterday !!!! Woot Woot I´m so glad I got to be here for that and that she made it ! It has been her goal to come for the last 3 months.
Okay so we do a lot of work in Badhomburg. Question to Grandma do we have family from there ? Can you look? know if there is a family history center or anything like that in Friedrichsdorf because that was the deal the church made with Germany when they put the Temple there. So we have to go to Badhomburg… but this week was some kind of crazy fest we got to see a German marching band and lots of drinking it was pretty grand hahahah but I´m ready for it to be over because it has messed up all of the bus and train schedules and we have been doing a lot more walking… speaking of walking we just got our bikes fixed SWEET beans !!

I love being on a bike!! I feel so free on it and like a little kid 🙂
so yeah things are going okay nothing to super exciting ….. I love being here in Germany I think I might stay !
family I love you all very much and hope you have a fantastic week

Love you Ashley (Sister Kingery)


Me and Sister Kreth