Germany Week 19

Well Hello There Family !!
Oh boy what to say about this week ??? !!! Well Sister Hansen and I had our cry fest and goodbyes and hugs were said and given. It was really hard and sad to see her go because she is and will forever be a best friend.

Sso she passed on the Friedrichsdorf torch to me….. not that I wanted it but I got it. I also got my new comp I think I told last week but her name is Sister Kreth. Funny story she to is from CA this is 4 for 4 all of my Comps have been from there. I think someone might want me to move there after my mission ….. or I might be someone who can get along really well with the crazy CA girls. But sister Kreth is great she is a lot of fun and most important she is someone I can laugh with. It will be different then it was before but still good she has a lot of zeal for the work.

I have been really stressed this week because I have been the one making all the phone calls and getting to and from places and all.  But you know what, every time I needed to use German and I felt like I didn´t know what to say to make myself understood words just seem to come, and some how even though I didn´t know every word these people where saying to me I knew what they ment and I could understand its so amazing how much Heavenly Father is watching out for us.

I think I might just a little bit of a stresser outer and the Lord knows that and He knows what I can do…. even when I think its more than what I can do. So this last week we have had the international sisters (they are from that ward, that works in Frankfurt) staying at out apartment because theirs in under construction so it has been a party every night …. we need sleep. but I think I´m going to miss them when they go its fun to have more than just one person with all the time.

Oh there names are Sister Nelson and Sister Heindel…. so  yesterday sSster Heindel got purposed to in a letter for a 55 year old man that they have been teaching hahahahahah I laughed for like 3 days about it so funny.
Oh other really grand story, so you remember how I went on a splits back to Mainz and I got to seevone of the girls we were working with when I was there. Well she made it to the temple yesterday !!!! Woot Woot I´m so glad I got to be here for that and that she made it ! It has been her goal to come for the last 3 months.
Okay so we do a lot of work in Badhomburg. Question to Grandma do we have family from there ? Can you look? know if there is a family history center or anything like that in Friedrichsdorf because that was the deal the church made with Germany when they put the Temple there. So we have to go to Badhomburg… but this week was some kind of crazy fest we got to see a German marching band and lots of drinking it was pretty grand hahahah but I´m ready for it to be over because it has messed up all of the bus and train schedules and we have been doing a lot more walking… speaking of walking we just got our bikes fixed SWEET beans !!

I love being on a bike!! I feel so free on it and like a little kid 🙂
so yeah things are going okay nothing to super exciting ….. I love being here in Germany I think I might stay !
family I love you all very much and hope you have a fantastic week

Love you Ashley (Sister Kingery)


Me and Sister Kreth


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