Germany Week 20

Wow okay family it has been one really fast crazy week and I don´t have a lot of time because we are trying to get to Frankfurt so we can play with all the other missionaries.

Okay so first story of the week so my new companion Sister Kreth has about 6 little gnome they are pretty cool…. but can be a little creepy when they start wandering around the house ha-ha.  So I had just gotten up for the day and went to the bathroom and looked over for some TP and a little creepy red hat was sitting there staring me down ha-ha and then I kept finding them all over the house in really random places.  So funny but this was when we still had the international sisters with us so we put all the gnomes sitting around a camp fire for when they came home so funny.

Next story so we had to give a temple tour this week and the people only spoke Spanish…. luckily we found a girl who could translate for us.   But it was so crazy because they would be speaking Spanish and I could understand what they were asking and talking about.  Then I would answer before the translator could tell us in English and the Spanish people just kept saying you know Spanish.   No I don´t know Spanish but with the spirit I could understand Spanish that day!

So next grand story of the week we had some finding time and both of us got purposed to ha-ha.  We were sitting on a bench just drink some water and these two old guys saw our name tags and started asking us about the church because of the whole Mitt Romney thing going on in America …    We get lots of people who stop and ask us things because of him.   But I think something must have been said about us having lots of wives on the news because that’s the first thing people want to know about.   But any way so we talked with the old guys and by the end they had asked us to marry them …   so that was not going to fly but I was pretty excited to get my first mission marriage purposing. ..

Next thing we did was a way fun activity with the young women.    It’s so cool we go there every week now after we do an announcement in RS.   Ha-ha I love YW and the girls love having us and they are so cool and will come teaching with us …   I wish we would have had some sister missionaries to go out with when I was younger.    But we did temple time capsules with them it was so much fun.    The girls just thought we were crazy and we probably are but that’s okay it was way fun….

Okay next grand story so you know how we got our bikes fixed well I crashed mine about 2 days ago….   Yeah I know right it was pretty epic and I didn’t even get that hurt.

But over all this week has been so amazing we have seen so many miracles already.   This transfer is going to be really good.   Well fam I have to go but I hope all is well and know that I love you so very much!!!!

Love Ashley


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