Germany Week 21

Wow okay so I have decided that my life is never going to be normal on a mission and I will never have a normal week.

So it all started last week on Monday we had gone to Frankfurt to play sports with all of the other missionaries and Sister Kreth about half way through the time was like I have to go to the bathroom I was like go …. But she just kept not coming out … but finally she did and when she came back she was holding a paper towel so my first thought was oh no she is hurt …    Then I saw the little black thing in the middle of the paper towel.   Oh yes she dropped our phone into the toilet ha-ha.  It was so funny she was a little stressed about it and I just thought it was so funny.   So we put it in some rice and prayed really hard that it would work again so we would not have to get a new one.   Because all of the phone numbers that we need are on it.   And sure enough the next morning it worked just fine!!

Then on Tuesday we went to Heidelberg for a zone conference and we got to ride on one of the coolest train ever!!   I like to call it the Harry Potter train.  I was pretty sure when I got off I was going to be at Hogwarts…. sadly I was still in Germany not Harry Potter land.   But Zoko was great we spent the whole day talking about the Book of Mormon and nothing else it was amazing.   Plus we had 3 zones there so that meant we had 10 sisters there which is really cool because there are only 20 of us so that means we had half of us there.

After the meeting I went to Ktown on a split with (drum roll ….) Sister Imbach (from MTC) ha-ha love her so much.   It was so cool to get to work with her again.   We got to be on a splits for 2 and half days because her companion was being trained to be a ´real temple worker because they had a girl coming from Alabama.  But any way they didn’t have any one who could speak her language but Sister Kapllanni could so they used her so cool.

So Sister  Imbach helped fix my hair a little as in she cut it a little.   So we were sitting at home and I was like I need get these hairs cut they are so boy like … and she look at me and was like I can cut them …   So I said have you ever cut hair before … she said yeah in a very unsure way so I said ok because if it turned out bad it would just make a really good story for later…    But no worries my hair just looks better.   So then I had to leave Sister Imbach … sad day.   But on the way back we got to ride on an ice they are the really fast high-class trains.   And I was sure I was being taken to play in the hunger games it was so cool ha-ha I love Germany.

So then I got back to Friedrichsdorf… and it was so cool I felt like I was coming home from vacation … I don’t think I can ever leave.   Friedrichsdorf has really become my home and I have so much love for that place and the people and it just felt right to be coming to it.   Also I realized I don’t know how to do finding without the temple … and I never want to live very far from one.   I just love strolling on to temple plaza and knowing everyone and just talking to everyone and then the best part is it is a spirit power house.  I just feel so much peace like nothing can go wrong when I’m in or near the temple plaza.   But Sister Kreth told me that everyone was freaking out when I was not with her like I was gone forever.   And when I got back everyone was like why didn’t you tell us you were leaving ….  I was like because I was only gone for 2 day and I was coming back … silly people.   But I love them so much.

I love you all so much Ashley


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