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Germany Week 27

Well family,

what to say about this week…. well it was fun and crazy like most weeks it was also a very hard week.   The start of the week went pretty well then we went to Nuremburg for a split and a zoko we stayed there for 3 days because it costs so much for us to get there.   Being in Erfurt is like being banished to the outer darkness… ha-ha not really but we are way far away from everyone!!   But the splits were way fun and I got to do one with Sister Marshal and Clancy both of which were in the MTC with me.   So that was fun.

We also had a guy from the 70’s come for the zoko to work with us and teach us.  But yeah to make a long story short he ended up making fun of my German skills or lack of German skills in front of every one … so that’s when my week started to go downhill.   Then at church the members got after me for not looking as cute as my companion…. so by the end of the week I mostly just felt like a big piece of poo.

But that’s okay you want to know why!   Yes it was hard to hear those things and yes I wanted to cry a few times this week. But I didn’t need to.   Want to know why?   It’s because I know I’m giving my best and I’m doing what the Lord wants me to.   And that’s what matters most the way the Lord sees me.   I really could care less about what man thinks of me because I know that I’m doing what the Lord wants me to be doing and that he loves me.   Because in the end when I have to stand before the Lord I can say I did my best!

We also woke up to our first day of snow ahahh I’m so not ready for winter I need the sun!!   Have you guys been getting snow yet?   And It gets dark at like 5 now … I don’t like walking the dark cold streets…. it’s kind of creepy just saying.   Oh and I got to go to the Wartburg castle last week that’s where Martin Luther translated the bible so that was pretty sweet.   And the computers we are using don’t let us send pictures so I’ll try to find some way to get you some.

Erika thanks for updating my blog woot now all my Friends can read about what I have been up to.  Friends I love you !!

Germany Week 26

Yo family,

Well this week has been just Fantastic Sister Mosher and I have been seeing miracle after wonder!!!   Wow the Lord is so amazing!!   So I´ll try to get in as many stories as I can.   Okay but first the funny stories…. so we had some finding time (we have lots of finding time here) and we ran home to go to the bathroom, right…. and when we came back out there was a very large group of nacht (naked ) people just standing outside our front door .  Thank you Satan.   Ha-ha we just turned and walked the other way.   Next funny story we stopped in on this family that said we could come back…. well we were getting ready to leave and the old man, dad guy, totally pulled us in for a nice big hug…. and I was like okay whatever because that´s kind of the culture here and if we don’t say anything and they don’t know it happens sometimes.   But then he kissed both of us ( not the first time for that either but it was Sister Mosher’s) ha-ha and then his wife started to yell at him you can’t do that and we were like yeah she is right and we told him he can’t do that …..   But it was way funny.    And then on Saturday we had a little get together with the ward because one of the members had passed away and they had a little good bye thing.   But I forgot to wear my tights…… the old women totally freaked out and they were like do you not have enough because we can get you more!   And I’m like no we are fine (Sister Mosher didn’t have any on either) so then the next day Sunday.   I remembered my tights yeah!    But I was wearing a short sleeve shirt and the women were like your arms they are going to freeze you need something for your arms ( it wasn´t even cold that day ) but I was like aber ich habe mein strimf hose ( but I have my tights today ) …. Someday I might get it right hahahah this is a funny little ward there are like 20 people that come on Sunday it’s so small!

But then we went finding and we found this super cool old lady…. imagine if you will the old lady off the Swan

Princess and that’s her.   Ha-ha she was telling us about how she had gone to doctors because she has had cancer 6 times but the American doctor wanted to give her poison.   And she said poison I looked that word up and it means gift they wanted to gift me ha-ha I’m sure they didn’t really want to gift her but yeah.   And then she was telling us how it’s so cheap to ride the strassen bahns (street trains) she ich was schwartz fahren … which means she was riding without a pass.   She also has this amazing laugh that makes her sound crazy but at the same time it’s a laugh that makes is really easy to see how much she loves life.

And then yesterday we had more time for finding again and because it was a nice warm day…. so one of the members told us we should open up the church because lots of people would be walking by because there is a park right next to it.   Well we did that and we tried to talk with people that went by but mostly we were scaring people away.   So Sister Mosher was like let’s play the piano and maybe it will seem inviting…   So we went in and hoped that someone would come in.   Well after about 20 mins of nothing we were like well now what.   We thought we will wait one more minute and then we will pray about what to do.   After that I just really felt like some little kid was going to need our bather … and I kid you not 2 min after that a man and his two boys came in needing the bathroom we tried to talk to the dad but he really didn´t want to talk to us ….   So we were like well do we go then…. and we both got the strongest feeling to stay!!!   And again within 2 min a man came and saw that the doors were open and really wanted to see the inside….    He said he saw the old building and has seen some of our temples and had lots of question ….so we set up another time this week that we could meet with him.   Man the Lord is so cool!!

Okay I don’t have time to tell you about the pink unicorn but I’m send Travis the story in his letter so you should ask him later this week when he gets it about it

I was also able to find my love for Erfurt this week…..  It’s so amazing how willing the Lord is to give us those things that are righteous!!   Family I love you so very much and hope that all is going well with you!!!!

Love Ashley (Sister Kingery)

Germany Week 25

Wow Family,

Can life get any crazier?   Yes yes it can!!   So last week was really fun and hard at the same time.   We went to the Königstein Castle.   That was so cool because they don’t have any rules so we could run and climb on everything.   So Sister Kreth and I we went to the top of a tower that had a good window in it and sang Disney princess songs out of it…. we like to think we are princess … man we had so much fun.   I will try to send you some pictures soon.   The rest of the week was a little sad because I had to say goodbye to the whole of Friedrichsdorf it felt like it did every time we as a family had to move…. leaving behind friends and not really having a say in if I go or not.   I also had to say good bye to the temple I don’t know when I will get to go back.   That will be something that I know will be hard because since last January I have not been longer than 2 weeks without going…. so I know not having the temple power every day will take some getting used to.

So when I got to Bahn Hoff (the train station) for transfers some of my dearest friends from Friedrichsdorf had come to wish me well and good bye.   But president came and found me to talk about this transfer. He told me that making these transfers was really hard for him, especially the sisters.   He said he kept moving our names around trying to find confirmation in what and where the Lord wanted us to go.   He told me that he had finally found it and said really that’s what you want?!   He told me he knew that this would be hard for me, (that’s not really what you want to hear from your mission pres.) but that it is what the Lord wanted!   I have been praying to find that sweet loving peace that comes with the knowledge of knowing we are doing what the Lord wants.   Because I know this is going to be hard.

So my new companion’s name is Sister Mosher she is from Colorado…. so she has broken my streak of all California companions, however all of my companions come from a place that starts with C so that’s what I´m going with now.   So we made it to Erfurt…. its over in the East part of Germany …let’s just say that it is very different then the west.   So before I got to Erfurt I was thinking I can understand German pretty well, still can’t speak it very good… but ha got punked again um they are speaking German here but with a very different accent then they do in the Frankfurt area,   So I have a really hard time understanding them.   And I just sound like a crazy American with a crazy American German accent so that’s pretty grand.   These people here have lived through so much … they lived during the time the wall was up and they have so many beautiful stories of how through the power of the Lord they were blessed.

So yes I got to go see President Monson only not in Frankfurt.   We got special permission to leave out of mission and go to Berlin because that’s where our ward went so we just rode on the bus with them.  So it’s a pretty grand story.   So I have never met our ward members yet right and I show up at the church not wearing tights because I don´t like them… well all of the women were just having a fit over it  . And talking in a small circle about the fact that I didn´t have tights on.   So one came up and grabbed my leg to make sure then went over to one of the guys in the ward and told him about it.   Because apparently he sells them and he called me over and was like sister come with me and so we went with him over to his car and he gave me some tights and told me that I could go put them on in the church ….when I came out all the old ladies were so excited to see the my legs were no longer showing and they hugged me and told me that because I didn´t have a mom out here that they would take care of me…. people I don’t like tights…. but I know what I have to wear every Sunday now … lame .   But then we got on the bus and drive 4 ish hours to see president Monson   That was so cool because I got to see the missionaries that I was with in the MTC.   I got to see Sister Linford what a sweet blessing from the Lord.   Then we were looking for a place to sit and I hear someone calling my name.   One of my favorite families (but we don’t have favorites) from Friedrichsdorf was there as well and I got to sit with them.   I felt so at home with them.   Man the Lord is so amazing.

We then listened to President Monson talk guys did you know how much he has worked with the East Germans?   He has a book out I don’t remember what its call but it’s all about the things he did in Germany can I just say wow.   We got permission to read it because there are people in our ward in that book and it really gives the history of the people that I will be working with… you should go find it and read it it’s amazing!!!

So yeah life here is way different and crazy but I think it will be good … also its way more cold here and we are the only sisters out here so no more sisters party…. I totally got kicked to the boonies but that is okay…. I think part of the reason for me coming out here is like the president told me  the east needs some of my sunshine … so I’m going to try and give that to them.   I love you all so much and hope that you have a fantastic week

love Ashley (Sister Kingery)

Germany Week 24

My dear sweet Family,
Boy this has been the week of all weeks!!!   So much has happened this week it’s so crazy … okay let’s start with early in the week.   I got to do another boom rocking activity with the young women they are so cool!   I hope they all will go on missions!!!   Then Sisters Imbach and Kapplani came to the temple and spent the night with us … and the next night Sister Garlic and Sister Young came to stay with us so we had 6 sisters all in our one little apartment.   But it was so much fun to see them.   The work here is still going really well ……
….. Okay I guess I have to tell you…… I’m still in denial but I’m getting transferred this week to Erfurt.   I am having a hard time with that because every time I have to look into one of my beloved Friends face and tell them that I’m leaving… my heart begins to break and the tears come…. saying I’m going to miss Friedrichsdorf does even began to explain the pain I feel as I think of leaving this place.   It truly has become home for me.   But on a happier note one of the brothers from the ward was like well we will still be able to hear Sister Kingery laugh even when you’re in Erfurt.   Menchikinder I’m going to miss this place.   And the worst part is yet to come I have to tell my young women good bye tomorrow I don’t think I can handle that one.   I love them so much!!!!
On to bigger news Conference was amazing!!!   Dude it’s so much better as a missionary it was the best conference I have ever listened to.   And oh my gosh the age change I think it is so inspired!!!   We need more missionaries and we need them now!!!   And this will give them the chance to get more and faster. Also this is the reason why I only got 6 weeks in the MTC to see if they could pump us through faster. Also I think it’s so amazing that sisters can go at 19 I would have gone!!   To all the young women that get a chance to read this GO take that step of faith and put your trust in the Lord and GO.   The Lord’s children NEED you to bring the message of salvation!!   He needs you to be his hands and to work might miracles among his children. ….. The only thing is now I feel like a really old fart I’m one of the oldest out here.   But it is so cool missions do so much good I think everyone should trust in the lord and go on a mission!!    We also had our pancake party yesterday and because of the time difference we start conference at 6pm at night so we had our pancakes at 4pm then watched the Sunday morning conference.   So it was like being at home only the hours shifted a little.   I love the power that we can feel as we hear from each one all of the speakers were great.   I have learned so much and am already starting today to work on the things I felt like where just for me to hear.   Wow guys the Lord is so amazing I can already feel the changes that are about to take place in the world the gospel is going to exploded and we need the help of everyone.   So even if you are not a missionary you need to be helping to share this glorious and grand message that we have the restored gospel of Christ on the earth and that there is a God that He is our loving Heavenly Father and has a plan for each and every one of us.   And as we listen to the guiding loving voice of the spirit we will be able to not only do what the Lord wants us to but we will become what he wants us to be!!

Family I love you so very much so spread the word that Christ lives!

Love you Ashley (Sister Kingery)

Germany Week 23

What up Family,

So this week was the first what I think we would call a normal week ….. but it seemed so un-normal because I have never had one before. I´m so excited to get to watch conference this next weekend. And cool thing, I was telling Sister Kreth how sad I was going to be not getting my yummy conference sunday breakfast. So we came up with this brilliant plan. Because of the 6 or 7 hour time difference conference does not start till like 6pm at night so we are going to have a super sweet pancake party with all of our YSA before and then watch conference together its going to be so bom …. and every one is so excited to come because we are making American pancakes and the Germans love them!!

Also I really hope I get to stay in Friedrichsdorf or at lest in the near here next transfer because if so then I get to go to president Monson’s live talk next month !!! We already have tickets.  so i have been coming to this realization that my laugh is my key to the heart of the Germans .. no really Germans don’t laugh that much they love to do it and they love my laugh. and the best part is when I get them laughing they just love me and forget that I can’t speak german its pretty grand.
Also you know how my laugh is very well know and normally everyone knows that its me laughing…. well all of my German friends know this about me as well.( and yes I still get shushed here too) so the other day I was down by the temple and yes I was laugh and one of my favorite couples (but I don’t have favorites) heard me and they came running over because they knew it was me and they were so excited to see me. hahah and then He said “wann schwester Kingery lacht mann kann das von Badhomburg horen” ( that says when sister kingery laughts a person can hear it all the way from badhomburg) so yeah thought that was great !!
Yeah nothing to exciting happened this week…. well we did almost get eaten by this killer crow at Bahn hoff (train station) creepy little thing just started attacking us.
mom about this cold thing I didn’tt bring wool socks ….. but I’m planning on buying some today. according to everyone who has been here in the winter time it’s not cold yet and I´m just a baby …


Love you all!