Germany Week 23

What up Family,

So this week was the first what I think we would call a normal week ….. but it seemed so un-normal because I have never had one before. I´m so excited to get to watch conference this next weekend. And cool thing, I was telling Sister Kreth how sad I was going to be not getting my yummy conference sunday breakfast. So we came up with this brilliant plan. Because of the 6 or 7 hour time difference conference does not start till like 6pm at night so we are going to have a super sweet pancake party with all of our YSA before and then watch conference together its going to be so bom …. and every one is so excited to come because we are making American pancakes and the Germans love them!!

Also I really hope I get to stay in Friedrichsdorf or at lest in the near here next transfer because if so then I get to go to president Monson’s live talk next month !!! We already have tickets.  so i have been coming to this realization that my laugh is my key to the heart of the Germans .. no really Germans don’t laugh that much they love to do it and they love my laugh. and the best part is when I get them laughing they just love me and forget that I can’t speak german its pretty grand.
Also you know how my laugh is very well know and normally everyone knows that its me laughing…. well all of my German friends know this about me as well.( and yes I still get shushed here too) so the other day I was down by the temple and yes I was laugh and one of my favorite couples (but I don’t have favorites) heard me and they came running over because they knew it was me and they were so excited to see me. hahah and then He said “wann schwester Kingery lacht mann kann das von Badhomburg horen” ( that says when sister kingery laughts a person can hear it all the way from badhomburg) so yeah thought that was great !!
Yeah nothing to exciting happened this week…. well we did almost get eaten by this killer crow at Bahn hoff (train station) creepy little thing just started attacking us.
mom about this cold thing I didn’tt bring wool socks ….. but I’m planning on buying some today. according to everyone who has been here in the winter time it’s not cold yet and I´m just a baby …


Love you all!



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