Germany Week 24

My dear sweet Family,
Boy this has been the week of all weeks!!!   So much has happened this week it’s so crazy … okay let’s start with early in the week.   I got to do another boom rocking activity with the young women they are so cool!   I hope they all will go on missions!!!   Then Sisters Imbach and Kapplani came to the temple and spent the night with us … and the next night Sister Garlic and Sister Young came to stay with us so we had 6 sisters all in our one little apartment.   But it was so much fun to see them.   The work here is still going really well ……
….. Okay I guess I have to tell you…… I’m still in denial but I’m getting transferred this week to Erfurt.   I am having a hard time with that because every time I have to look into one of my beloved Friends face and tell them that I’m leaving… my heart begins to break and the tears come…. saying I’m going to miss Friedrichsdorf does even began to explain the pain I feel as I think of leaving this place.   It truly has become home for me.   But on a happier note one of the brothers from the ward was like well we will still be able to hear Sister Kingery laugh even when you’re in Erfurt.   Menchikinder I’m going to miss this place.   And the worst part is yet to come I have to tell my young women good bye tomorrow I don’t think I can handle that one.   I love them so much!!!!
On to bigger news Conference was amazing!!!   Dude it’s so much better as a missionary it was the best conference I have ever listened to.   And oh my gosh the age change I think it is so inspired!!!   We need more missionaries and we need them now!!!   And this will give them the chance to get more and faster. Also this is the reason why I only got 6 weeks in the MTC to see if they could pump us through faster. Also I think it’s so amazing that sisters can go at 19 I would have gone!!   To all the young women that get a chance to read this GO take that step of faith and put your trust in the Lord and GO.   The Lord’s children NEED you to bring the message of salvation!!   He needs you to be his hands and to work might miracles among his children. ….. The only thing is now I feel like a really old fart I’m one of the oldest out here.   But it is so cool missions do so much good I think everyone should trust in the lord and go on a mission!!    We also had our pancake party yesterday and because of the time difference we start conference at 6pm at night so we had our pancakes at 4pm then watched the Sunday morning conference.   So it was like being at home only the hours shifted a little.   I love the power that we can feel as we hear from each one all of the speakers were great.   I have learned so much and am already starting today to work on the things I felt like where just for me to hear.   Wow guys the Lord is so amazing I can already feel the changes that are about to take place in the world the gospel is going to exploded and we need the help of everyone.   So even if you are not a missionary you need to be helping to share this glorious and grand message that we have the restored gospel of Christ on the earth and that there is a God that He is our loving Heavenly Father and has a plan for each and every one of us.   And as we listen to the guiding loving voice of the spirit we will be able to not only do what the Lord wants us to but we will become what he wants us to be!!

Family I love you so very much so spread the word that Christ lives!

Love you Ashley (Sister Kingery)


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