Germany Week 25

Wow Family,

Can life get any crazier?   Yes yes it can!!   So last week was really fun and hard at the same time.   We went to the Königstein Castle.   That was so cool because they don’t have any rules so we could run and climb on everything.   So Sister Kreth and I we went to the top of a tower that had a good window in it and sang Disney princess songs out of it…. we like to think we are princess … man we had so much fun.   I will try to send you some pictures soon.   The rest of the week was a little sad because I had to say goodbye to the whole of Friedrichsdorf it felt like it did every time we as a family had to move…. leaving behind friends and not really having a say in if I go or not.   I also had to say good bye to the temple I don’t know when I will get to go back.   That will be something that I know will be hard because since last January I have not been longer than 2 weeks without going…. so I know not having the temple power every day will take some getting used to.

So when I got to Bahn Hoff (the train station) for transfers some of my dearest friends from Friedrichsdorf had come to wish me well and good bye.   But president came and found me to talk about this transfer. He told me that making these transfers was really hard for him, especially the sisters.   He said he kept moving our names around trying to find confirmation in what and where the Lord wanted us to go.   He told me that he had finally found it and said really that’s what you want?!   He told me he knew that this would be hard for me, (that’s not really what you want to hear from your mission pres.) but that it is what the Lord wanted!   I have been praying to find that sweet loving peace that comes with the knowledge of knowing we are doing what the Lord wants.   Because I know this is going to be hard.

So my new companion’s name is Sister Mosher she is from Colorado…. so she has broken my streak of all California companions, however all of my companions come from a place that starts with C so that’s what I´m going with now.   So we made it to Erfurt…. its over in the East part of Germany …let’s just say that it is very different then the west.   So before I got to Erfurt I was thinking I can understand German pretty well, still can’t speak it very good… but ha got punked again um they are speaking German here but with a very different accent then they do in the Frankfurt area,   So I have a really hard time understanding them.   And I just sound like a crazy American with a crazy American German accent so that’s pretty grand.   These people here have lived through so much … they lived during the time the wall was up and they have so many beautiful stories of how through the power of the Lord they were blessed.

So yes I got to go see President Monson only not in Frankfurt.   We got special permission to leave out of mission and go to Berlin because that’s where our ward went so we just rode on the bus with them.  So it’s a pretty grand story.   So I have never met our ward members yet right and I show up at the church not wearing tights because I don´t like them… well all of the women were just having a fit over it  . And talking in a small circle about the fact that I didn´t have tights on.   So one came up and grabbed my leg to make sure then went over to one of the guys in the ward and told him about it.   Because apparently he sells them and he called me over and was like sister come with me and so we went with him over to his car and he gave me some tights and told me that I could go put them on in the church ….when I came out all the old ladies were so excited to see the my legs were no longer showing and they hugged me and told me that because I didn´t have a mom out here that they would take care of me…. people I don’t like tights…. but I know what I have to wear every Sunday now … lame .   But then we got on the bus and drive 4 ish hours to see president Monson   That was so cool because I got to see the missionaries that I was with in the MTC.   I got to see Sister Linford what a sweet blessing from the Lord.   Then we were looking for a place to sit and I hear someone calling my name.   One of my favorite families (but we don’t have favorites) from Friedrichsdorf was there as well and I got to sit with them.   I felt so at home with them.   Man the Lord is so amazing.

We then listened to President Monson talk guys did you know how much he has worked with the East Germans?   He has a book out I don’t remember what its call but it’s all about the things he did in Germany can I just say wow.   We got permission to read it because there are people in our ward in that book and it really gives the history of the people that I will be working with… you should go find it and read it it’s amazing!!!

So yeah life here is way different and crazy but I think it will be good … also its way more cold here and we are the only sisters out here so no more sisters party…. I totally got kicked to the boonies but that is okay…. I think part of the reason for me coming out here is like the president told me  the east needs some of my sunshine … so I’m going to try and give that to them.   I love you all so much and hope that you have a fantastic week

love Ashley (Sister Kingery)


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  1. Brittany said,

    November 13, 2012 at 9:33 pm

    The book is called “Faith Rewarded” by Pres. Monson.

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