Germany Week 26

Yo family,

Well this week has been just Fantastic Sister Mosher and I have been seeing miracle after wonder!!!   Wow the Lord is so amazing!!   So I´ll try to get in as many stories as I can.   Okay but first the funny stories…. so we had some finding time (we have lots of finding time here) and we ran home to go to the bathroom, right…. and when we came back out there was a very large group of nacht (naked ) people just standing outside our front door .  Thank you Satan.   Ha-ha we just turned and walked the other way.   Next funny story we stopped in on this family that said we could come back…. well we were getting ready to leave and the old man, dad guy, totally pulled us in for a nice big hug…. and I was like okay whatever because that´s kind of the culture here and if we don’t say anything and they don’t know it happens sometimes.   But then he kissed both of us ( not the first time for that either but it was Sister Mosher’s) ha-ha and then his wife started to yell at him you can’t do that and we were like yeah she is right and we told him he can’t do that …..   But it was way funny.    And then on Saturday we had a little get together with the ward because one of the members had passed away and they had a little good bye thing.   But I forgot to wear my tights…… the old women totally freaked out and they were like do you not have enough because we can get you more!   And I’m like no we are fine (Sister Mosher didn’t have any on either) so then the next day Sunday.   I remembered my tights yeah!    But I was wearing a short sleeve shirt and the women were like your arms they are going to freeze you need something for your arms ( it wasn´t even cold that day ) but I was like aber ich habe mein strimf hose ( but I have my tights today ) …. Someday I might get it right hahahah this is a funny little ward there are like 20 people that come on Sunday it’s so small!

But then we went finding and we found this super cool old lady…. imagine if you will the old lady off the Swan

Princess and that’s her.   Ha-ha she was telling us about how she had gone to doctors because she has had cancer 6 times but the American doctor wanted to give her poison.   And she said poison I looked that word up and it means gift they wanted to gift me ha-ha I’m sure they didn’t really want to gift her but yeah.   And then she was telling us how it’s so cheap to ride the strassen bahns (street trains) she ich was schwartz fahren … which means she was riding without a pass.   She also has this amazing laugh that makes her sound crazy but at the same time it’s a laugh that makes is really easy to see how much she loves life.

And then yesterday we had more time for finding again and because it was a nice warm day…. so one of the members told us we should open up the church because lots of people would be walking by because there is a park right next to it.   Well we did that and we tried to talk with people that went by but mostly we were scaring people away.   So Sister Mosher was like let’s play the piano and maybe it will seem inviting…   So we went in and hoped that someone would come in.   Well after about 20 mins of nothing we were like well now what.   We thought we will wait one more minute and then we will pray about what to do.   After that I just really felt like some little kid was going to need our bather … and I kid you not 2 min after that a man and his two boys came in needing the bathroom we tried to talk to the dad but he really didn´t want to talk to us ….   So we were like well do we go then…. and we both got the strongest feeling to stay!!!   And again within 2 min a man came and saw that the doors were open and really wanted to see the inside….    He said he saw the old building and has seen some of our temples and had lots of question ….so we set up another time this week that we could meet with him.   Man the Lord is so cool!!

Okay I don’t have time to tell you about the pink unicorn but I’m send Travis the story in his letter so you should ask him later this week when he gets it about it

I was also able to find my love for Erfurt this week…..  It’s so amazing how willing the Lord is to give us those things that are righteous!!   Family I love you so very much and hope that all is going well with you!!!!

Love Ashley (Sister Kingery)


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