Germany Week 27

Well family,

what to say about this week…. well it was fun and crazy like most weeks it was also a very hard week.   The start of the week went pretty well then we went to Nuremburg for a split and a zoko we stayed there for 3 days because it costs so much for us to get there.   Being in Erfurt is like being banished to the outer darkness… ha-ha not really but we are way far away from everyone!!   But the splits were way fun and I got to do one with Sister Marshal and Clancy both of which were in the MTC with me.   So that was fun.

We also had a guy from the 70’s come for the zoko to work with us and teach us.  But yeah to make a long story short he ended up making fun of my German skills or lack of German skills in front of every one … so that’s when my week started to go downhill.   Then at church the members got after me for not looking as cute as my companion…. so by the end of the week I mostly just felt like a big piece of poo.

But that’s okay you want to know why!   Yes it was hard to hear those things and yes I wanted to cry a few times this week. But I didn’t need to.   Want to know why?   It’s because I know I’m giving my best and I’m doing what the Lord wants me to.   And that’s what matters most the way the Lord sees me.   I really could care less about what man thinks of me because I know that I’m doing what the Lord wants me to be doing and that he loves me.   Because in the end when I have to stand before the Lord I can say I did my best!

We also woke up to our first day of snow ahahh I’m so not ready for winter I need the sun!!   Have you guys been getting snow yet?   And It gets dark at like 5 now … I don’t like walking the dark cold streets…. it’s kind of creepy just saying.   Oh and I got to go to the Wartburg castle last week that’s where Martin Luther translated the bible so that was pretty sweet.   And the computers we are using don’t let us send pictures so I’ll try to find some way to get you some.

Erika thanks for updating my blog woot now all my Friends can read about what I have been up to.  Friends I love you !!


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