Germany Week 29

What’s up Family,

Well what to say about this week…. well to start off we went and met with a family and it was pretty good … till they showed me their rabbits (they have roughly 15ish of them) and I made the mistake of asking why they had so many.   Well you probably guessed it.   Yes one or more are named Christmas dinner…. and the little ones are named next year’s dinner.   Poor little guys never stood a chance.   But they are a really great family.   They live way out in country and do everything by hand … it’s a little bit like” Little House on the Prairie” only German style.   I’m pretty sure they could make a TV show and it would go over really well.

So because Christmas is coming up… they want the missionaries in the area to do a group musical number… well after one of the elders heard my beautiful voice … Sister Mosher and I have been assigned to do singing practice for at least 15 minutes every day.   Ha-ha do they really think that’s going to help? I’ve been working on trying to sing for the last 22 years.   Ha-ha so needless to say it should at least be entertaining ha-ha

So mom I think you will enjoy this so the other day we got home and I was in the bathroom and

I hear Sister Mosher yell “ Well Sister Kingery must every light in the house be on. “ Some things may never change.

The work here is starting to pick up woot!   The members are starting to get excited to share the gospel. And as we all know we cannot do missionary work without the help of the members.   We sure can try but we won’t really get anywhere, because the members are the Key.

Well I’m excited to see what’s in my package but there is a good chance I won’t get it for like another 6 weeks unless I get transferred this week because we live so far away from Frankfurt…. being in Erfurt is like getting the ultimate shun treatment.

And no they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here…. unless they are American… did you know that there is something like 92,000 Americans living in Germany…. pretty crazy yeah.

We have not gotten any more snow yet…. I really hope it stays that way the cold is not too bad … but wet and cold is really bad.

But nothing to crazy this week mostly normal stuff.   Well I hope you all have a great week and know that I love you!!!

Love Ashley, Sister Kingery


1 Comment

  1. Melissa said,

    November 12, 2012 at 9:09 pm

    SOunds like she is doing good. Tunening that voice for her future in the Motab:}

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