Germany Week 30

Oh Family,

Wow this is so cool that Travis is coming to the Alpine German mission!!!!!!   Ah ah we are going to be next door missions.   Wow so cool!!   Man I don’t even know what to say any more.   That tops everything this week!

Well to start out I’m staying in Erfurt for one more transfer, so I´ll be here for Christmas and New Year’s.   But this last week president was telling us that in the next year we will be adding 31 more sisters to our mission and 60-ish elders to our mission.   And he told us that means all of the sisters who are out right now will have to be trainers … most likely we will all be like training at the same time… ish and we will be opening 15 new sister areas in the next year!!   Wow so cool.   Also next week I get to go back to Friedrichsdorf.   We are having a sisters training meeting so it will only be sisters there… so cool and I get to go back to the temple I´m so excited!!

Oh the Lord is so cool I can already see how the work is going to take off and explode with the call for so many young people.   I also think it’s kind of like a last call one last push forward, what more can the Lord do, till he comes again.

Ahhhh so cool

Well I’m sorry but I don’t really have any more to say….. So yeah have a fantastic week and I love you all

Love Ashley (Sister Kingery)

PS  Mom you just enjoy all that warmness…. tell Travis to get a warm coat ha-ha he is going to need it!


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