Germany Week 31

Hello Family,

So yeah I´m staying in Erfurt with Sister Mosher we both are staying.   Sorry I forgot to put that part in last week.   So yeah trying to speak just German has not been working …   I think I have been using even more English…   I think Satan is working really hard to make me feel really low because of my German skills, but he will never win so I will just turn a new page and keep trying.   But it’s true I am scared out of my mind to be a trainer or to be the one with the “better“ German skills ha-ha…. other than that one point I think it would be fun to train.

But so this week was Thanksgiving yeah!   So we have this sweet couple in our ward and they are half American so they invited us over to celebrate it with them.   I tried to make Oreo pie, like we have every year but it didn´t work so well, it was yummy but not the same.   But here is the cool part so this week they had a soccer game here and it was against a team that is known for being drunk ( well everyone gets drunk) but this team likes to get into fights and just leave a trail of destruction behind them.   So we were not allowed out on the streets during that time but we got to watch from the window of some of the member’s house.  The largest police squad I have ever seen escorted the fans to the game and back.   It was so cool they had dogs and face shields and lots of cop cars.   Then the best thing was the water cannon tank vans.   So if the crowd got out of control they would just blast them with the water cannons.   I really wanted to see them use one.   But the game was a tie so they didn´t do much because no one lost.   When someone loses that’s when the problems start I guess.

So you can tell Grandma that I got her letter.   And funny story so one of the elders had gone into Frankfurt and picked up the letter and called me.  He was like so Sister Kingery I have a letter for you… and I was like what sweet this is so exciting.   And then he was like it says it’s from a Jordan and I was like oh yeah I´m related to Jordans … and he was like you know my last name is Jordan right…   And I was like yes of course I do Elder Jordan… and he was like we could be related and I was like oh yeah we could.   But it gets better so later at district meeting he gave me the letter and I opened it and what did it have in it a family history chart!!   I was like Elder Jordan we are about to find out that we are related ha-ha but no because it was the Adam line … but any who just thought that was way funny … but tell grandma thanks and I will see what I can do.

So I got my first package the one from Dad ha-ha so funny story with that as well so those hand warmers are amazing!!   Sister Mosher and I had found them about 4 weeks ago and we both got one … and we have been plotting on how we were going to get more and low and behold we got some!   So thanks they are really cool and it’s nice to have more than one.   Now we can have one every day!!   So thanks!!

Okay another cool thing so this week at church in RS the sister giving the lesson challenged us to do something and I want to give each of you the same challenge.  So what you do is give Christ a gift for Christmas and stick it under the tree all wrapped up and then you open it first on Christmas. So all you do is write something down that you want to give Him this year it could be as simple as having better scripture study or if you’re not getting you prayers in to have morning and evening prayers, or write down one thing every day that you are grateful for.   Just do anything that you can do to show Christ that you love Him and then stick it under the tree.  Then do it and open it on Christmas morning.

Well my dear family I must be going, we leave for Friedrichsdorf in just a few short hours for our sisters’ conference!!!   Ha-ha I’m so excited!!!!

I also see going to Friedrichsdorf as the gift that the Lord is giving me for Christmas.  I have or had been pray that I could go back, and even if it is just for one and a half days, it’s an answer to my prayers. Man the lord is so good.

Well I love you all and I´ll talk to you later.

Love you Ashley (Sister Kingery)


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