Germany Week 33

Dear Family,
Well this week was great!   I got to go on a split in Heidelberg with Sister Stoddard she is way cool!   But she has only been in the area for about a week and half so we had a really grand time getting lost and re found ha-ha so much fun.   I love jumping on a train and having no idea where we are going to end up. We talked to a lot of people that way… and I learned I need to learn how to read the maps better ha-ha 
So we got to watch the Christmas broadcast last night it was so amazing!   But they sound really funny in German because it’s not their real voices.   I tried to watch for Brother Miller … no luck.
Well the snow came this week…. ha-ha and everyone thinks I’m just going to freeze its probably true.
So mom all of the clothes you are seeing me in are ones that I have been getting for free.   Some have come from sisters who have gone home and no longer need them.   And another good group of them came from a lady in Friedrichsdorf that I was working with she loved to give us her old things!   So yeah it’s pretty grand.   I see it kind of like it was in the scriptures when Christ told his Apostles to just go and not worry about what to wear or to eat,  It is so true people just love to take care of us.
Oh so I´m doing this super cool thing with one of the less active sisters here in Erfurt.   So we are trying to help her stop smoking.   And I had this idea that I could giving up something with her so I’m giving up English. Now I have said that before but this time it is different because I know I need to be the example in showing her that it will work.   So what we do is every day we keep track of how long we can go without and then that night I call her and we tell each other what we were able to accomplish that day!   It’s working!!!   I’m so excited to see how it goes we are starting week 2 this week!
Man so we have another zone training meeting this week.   President is really trying to get us ready for the new missionaries that are coming.   The first big group will be the group that comes with Travis.   We will be getting 40 new missionaries that transfer and I believe 12-16 of those will be sisters.    That will be so crazy!!?  
Well I think that´s it for this week love you lots and hope you have a fantastic week
Love Ashley (Sister Kingery)


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