Germany Week 34

Dear Family,
Well this week was great!   So at the start of this month our president decided to have a mission fast for the whole month.   So every day different missionaries are fasting…Sister Mosher and I will be fasting this week.   But it’s so amazing we are see wonders all over the mission because of it.
So we also went to Gothe this week and helped with this street preaching thing.   They are having a Christmas party this next week and want lots of people to show up so their ward made 300 and some invitations to give out.   So we went to help give them out.   It was a lot of fun we got them all out in about 1 hour.   And the cool part was… so we stayed in sight and sound of each other but we talked with people on our own.   So that was really cool because that was the first time I have talked with Germans without my companion or someone standing next to me.   It was a lot fun!
But on our way back to Erfurt (there was another soccer game) and we got to, Bahnhof, the train station right as all of the crazy fans where trying to leave.   The cops were everywhere making a block barrier between us and them.   So that was also fun.
So we have 4 priest aged young men in our ward and they just made all of them ward missionaries!!   It’s so sweet they are so excited to do the work!!   Yesterday we went out caroling to kick off the missionary work.   It was a lot of fun!
Hah also this week the sun came back! 🙂   It’s like the warmest winter they have had and the Germans are telling us that it’s over and it’s just going to get warmer…. I’m not going to get my hopes up … I’m sure the cold will be back!
You know I have been thinking a lot about Christmas and the birth of Christ … mostly because this is the time of year that we celebrate that as a mass group.   But I think it just shows us one more testament that Jesus is the Christ.   His birth is the only one that the whole world celebrates and I find it so amazing how much happier people are at this time of year then the other times as we think of others and our families.   It just shows that with Christ our lives are so much better!   I love my savior so much.
I love you family and hope you have a fantastic week!!
Love, Ashley


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