Germany Week 35

HEY Family,
Oh man it was so good to see and hear you all!!   I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas.   Well we had a pretty good one.   I think I told you about this?   But Santa is not so nice over here…. he packs a whip and you have to sing to him to get you gift… ha-ha we sang once there was a little snow man (with actions) to get our gift, this year at the ward party.   It was good Sister Mosher and I spent Christmas Eve together (well we spend every day together) but we read the birth of Christ and then had a sleep over on the couches as we waited for Santa to come.   Ha-ha and at 4 in the morning some drunken guy was singing happy birthday to Christ in English … ha-ha it was so funny.   And we had Oreo’s and milk for breakfast 🙂 the joys of living on one’s own.
But you asked me if we are finding people to teach the answer to that would be yes and no.   The people here are a lot more closed off because of the DDR times (that’s when the wall was up) people were pretty much forced not to believe in God.   We have one member in our ward that didn’t go to college because she wouldn’t give up her religion.   So they have no idea who God even is.   So that makes it a little harder.   But we are still finding people because the Lord would not send us here if there were no people who would listen.   We have started teach this new guy last week and he is as golden as they come, just really ready to make those steps in his life.   And we did a lot of fasting and praying over the last few weeks to get the help of the Lord with our little branch (ward).   So we normally have 40 ish people there on Sunday.   But at our ward Christmas party we had 67 people there and 16 of them were not members. We are seeing miracles happen every day due to the faith of the members here.   And Erfurt is about to explode.

I love you all so much and hope you have a fantastic week!
Love, Ashley (Sister Kingery)


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