Germany Week 40

Hi family,

So this week was pretty grand, Sister Imbach and I just seem to get ourselves into a lot of adventures…. just the good kind 🙂   So this last week we went to go teach this lady that we have been teaching and we got there and it was like the house had exploded and it was complete craziness.   But she still told us to come in and to sit in the kitchen and to have a drink and that she would be with us in a few minutes.  So we are chilling drinking water (because that’s what we asked for) and she comes back in looks at our glasses and was like why are you drinking water?   I have tea!   She grabs our glasses and throws our water out and puts tea in our cups, then leaves the room again.   So then I was thinking man this tea looks dark I hope it’s not black tea.   Then I looked at Sister Imbach and she has taken a sip and says one word … hibiscus… (it’s a type of plant used in a lot of herbal teas .. so it’s not black tea, but Sister Imbach has an allergy to this plant) so with that one word I knew I would be drinking 2 cups of tea that day.   So I drank mine fast and made the switch of the cups when she was not looking… but the problem was Sister Imbach had already got some of the tea in her system so she started to have a reaction to it… lucky for us it wasn´t bad and it went away pretty fast.   So yeah that was fun. (Cool part about this lady is she wants to be baptized we have just a few things we need to teach her and she needs to stop smoking and she is there!) We also got to go to Nirenberg this week for a zoko … funny story so last week when we went shopping we found these super sweet shirts for 1 Euro.   So yes we got them … and so we had matching outfits at zoko … we were so cool.   It was a great zoko I learned so much.


Erfurt is starting to steal my heart I´m falling in love with this place.   The people have a soft spot in my heart and my heart cries with them, I feel so much responsibility to bring them the Father’s plan.  To teach them who they are and that they are loved.

I love this work and I love the Lord.   Family invite the missionaries over for FHE and have them teach you the plan of salvation! It’s Amazing!!

Love you all Ashley (Sister Kingery)


Sis. Imbach and I Rockin' our Euro Shirts

Sis. Imbach and I Rockin’ our Euro Shirts


Germany Week 39

Hi family,

I hope all is going well for you!   This week was for some reason or another a pretty slow week.  We did get to go see some of the less actives sisters and we have a bunch more to see.   I have them all organized out into list of how we are going to see them.   So that should be sweet.

Ha-ha also I thought it was only going to get warmer…. we woke up this morning to almost a foot of new snow… that is not okay with me.   That’s also why I’m writing to you all so late in the day.   I may or may not have been refusing to go out in the snow.   Mostly because they don’t plow anything so you really are trudging though it, unless you are a child with a sled and a parent who will pull you….. I tried to talk Sister Imbach it pulling me… she didn’t go for it.

I have been relearning a lot about the plan of salvation again this week . It’s so amazing how much our Heavenly Father loves us.   I see His tender mercies all over the place and the fact that we can chose to live with Him again and our whole family is the most beautiful gift in the world. Sorry this week is going to be short but I love you all

Love Ashley (Sister Kingery)

Germany Week 38

Hey family,

So this last week was a blast!   Sister Imbach and I are just racking up the adventures.   So last Monday for p-day we went and found a second hand shop… I was trying to find some new skirts because all of mine are starting to fall off.   Yeah, so we found the second hand shop, no skirts, BUT, they did have a tea set.   (I can’t remember if I told you this or not but, Germans, and all other Europeans have tea time every day. we get a lot of herbal tea here.   And oddly I’m starting to like it…..hummmm) but we found this way cool tea set.  It was green with all the pieces cups, plates, and everything, for only 5 Euros, but we could not think of a good reason for buying it, then we realized it would go along perfectly with our DDM (district meeting thought) theme.   Ha-ha we got them.   It went really well our topic was the first lesson or first impressions with someone new and working with members.   So we made it work.   The Elders loved it.  We then found a nice little place to hide them in the church and we will be having tea time every week.

So because our ward or little branch is not very big we do a lot of the cooking for ourselves here.  So the other night Sister Imbach was making us soup and I was setting the table and such…. and I walked over to take a look at the soup and low and behold there was a scoop of peanut butter sitting in it. Ha-ha yes you read that right we had peanut butter soup.   It was really yummy!   We also found a cookbook in our closet when we cleaned and rearranged our house, so we are working on our cooking skills … it should be fun.

Ha-ha also I´m a lot more okay being me around Sister Imbach, the ward was even more surprised with the two of us…. because we are both crazy fun.   But they love us 😉 and to be honest I think maybe that’s what this area needs, is a little crazy.


But the Lord is blessing us left and right, like we aren’t really doing anything (okay we are but,) I feel like the Lord is just placing people in our path and leading us the way we need to go.   It’s crazy how much Erfurt is coming alive!   The Lord is softening the hearts of these people, it’s amazing.   So a couple of weeks ago after finding out that I would be staying in Erfurt and such I felt very strongly that there was a specific thing the Lord wants me to do here.   I felt very strongly that there is a less active woman I need to find.   So I got the ward list and a map, and together Sister Imbach and I mapped out every name on the list.   We are going to meet all of them, and I’m going to find that one sister I can help.


I love you all so much and have a fantastic week!!

Love Sister Kingery (Ashley)


PS. Have a blast at the temple!  I´ll be there in spirit with you all!

Love you

Germany Week 37

Oh man Sister Imbach and I are just rocking it!   Yesterday we prayed for a vision of Erfurt and what the Lord wants us to do.   Something only the two of us together can do.   We both felt that Erfurt needs to be wiped clean and rebooted, and that it just needs a big hug.   We are to love the heck out these people.   We started with the companions I got a new one, then we took on our apartment we changed the whole lay out move the beds, couches, everything.   Next we are going to start on the area book…. that should be fun.   We are also going to help our members become more involved in missionary work, because they are the key to everything!    But I can feel the change in the air Erfurt will never be the same after this transfer!   Sister Imbach and I have a lot of work to do, and we are going to do it.
    I don’t really know what to say other then I know that Jesus is the Christ, God is our Heavenly Father, and they know each of us personally and has a plan for each of us.   And I plan on following that plan.
I love you all so much, go tell someone God lives and loves them!
Love, Ashley (Sister Kingery)

Transfer Time!

Transfer Time!