Germany Week 38

Hey family,

So this last week was a blast!   Sister Imbach and I are just racking up the adventures.   So last Monday for p-day we went and found a second hand shop… I was trying to find some new skirts because all of mine are starting to fall off.   Yeah, so we found the second hand shop, no skirts, BUT, they did have a tea set.   (I can’t remember if I told you this or not but, Germans, and all other Europeans have tea time every day. we get a lot of herbal tea here.   And oddly I’m starting to like it…..hummmm) but we found this way cool tea set.  It was green with all the pieces cups, plates, and everything, for only 5 Euros, but we could not think of a good reason for buying it, then we realized it would go along perfectly with our DDM (district meeting thought) theme.   Ha-ha we got them.   It went really well our topic was the first lesson or first impressions with someone new and working with members.   So we made it work.   The Elders loved it.  We then found a nice little place to hide them in the church and we will be having tea time every week.

So because our ward or little branch is not very big we do a lot of the cooking for ourselves here.  So the other night Sister Imbach was making us soup and I was setting the table and such…. and I walked over to take a look at the soup and low and behold there was a scoop of peanut butter sitting in it. Ha-ha yes you read that right we had peanut butter soup.   It was really yummy!   We also found a cookbook in our closet when we cleaned and rearranged our house, so we are working on our cooking skills … it should be fun.

Ha-ha also I´m a lot more okay being me around Sister Imbach, the ward was even more surprised with the two of us…. because we are both crazy fun.   But they love us 😉 and to be honest I think maybe that’s what this area needs, is a little crazy.


But the Lord is blessing us left and right, like we aren’t really doing anything (okay we are but,) I feel like the Lord is just placing people in our path and leading us the way we need to go.   It’s crazy how much Erfurt is coming alive!   The Lord is softening the hearts of these people, it’s amazing.   So a couple of weeks ago after finding out that I would be staying in Erfurt and such I felt very strongly that there was a specific thing the Lord wants me to do here.   I felt very strongly that there is a less active woman I need to find.   So I got the ward list and a map, and together Sister Imbach and I mapped out every name on the list.   We are going to meet all of them, and I’m going to find that one sister I can help.


I love you all so much and have a fantastic week!!

Love Sister Kingery (Ashley)


PS. Have a blast at the temple!  I´ll be there in spirit with you all!

Love you


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