Germany Week 40

Hi family,

So this week was pretty grand, Sister Imbach and I just seem to get ourselves into a lot of adventures…. just the good kind 🙂   So this last week we went to go teach this lady that we have been teaching and we got there and it was like the house had exploded and it was complete craziness.   But she still told us to come in and to sit in the kitchen and to have a drink and that she would be with us in a few minutes.  So we are chilling drinking water (because that’s what we asked for) and she comes back in looks at our glasses and was like why are you drinking water?   I have tea!   She grabs our glasses and throws our water out and puts tea in our cups, then leaves the room again.   So then I was thinking man this tea looks dark I hope it’s not black tea.   Then I looked at Sister Imbach and she has taken a sip and says one word … hibiscus… (it’s a type of plant used in a lot of herbal teas .. so it’s not black tea, but Sister Imbach has an allergy to this plant) so with that one word I knew I would be drinking 2 cups of tea that day.   So I drank mine fast and made the switch of the cups when she was not looking… but the problem was Sister Imbach had already got some of the tea in her system so she started to have a reaction to it… lucky for us it wasn´t bad and it went away pretty fast.   So yeah that was fun. (Cool part about this lady is she wants to be baptized we have just a few things we need to teach her and she needs to stop smoking and she is there!) We also got to go to Nirenberg this week for a zoko … funny story so last week when we went shopping we found these super sweet shirts for 1 Euro.   So yes we got them … and so we had matching outfits at zoko … we were so cool.   It was a great zoko I learned so much.


Erfurt is starting to steal my heart I´m falling in love with this place.   The people have a soft spot in my heart and my heart cries with them, I feel so much responsibility to bring them the Father’s plan.  To teach them who they are and that they are loved.

I love this work and I love the Lord.   Family invite the missionaries over for FHE and have them teach you the plan of salvation! It’s Amazing!!

Love you all Ashley (Sister Kingery)


Sis. Imbach and I Rockin' our Euro Shirts

Sis. Imbach and I Rockin’ our Euro Shirts


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