Germany Week 41

Dear Family,

Well mom first things first I have some not so good news for you….. I may or may not have let Sister Imbach cut my hair last night…. BUT it’s not what you are thinking she only trimmed it because the ends were getting a little crazy, so it’s still growing, I also may have put a little red in it, but you can´t really tell all that much because my hair is way dark.

But we went to Wartburg (I think that’s how it’s spelled?) yesterday.   It’s the castle where Martin Luther (again not sure about the name spelling?) translated the bible into German and such look him up he is pretty cool.

Also cool story of the week.   So we go to this bible class every week, and this week about halfway through this girl just walks in and sits in the back.   I look at Sister Imbach and I´m like I think I know that girl… I was pretty sure that I had met her once before on the street with Sister Mosher, and that she has had lessons with the missionaries before.   So after class she escaped before we could talk to her.   But it was that girl that I thought it was.   So the next day we were just chilling at the house reading the Book of Mormon for German study when the phone goes off… and what do you know it’s that girl from the bible class.   She said that she has some questions about what she has been reading from the bible and asked if we could meet in the morning, so we set up the appointment.   Next day we get to the appointment and she is asking all kinds of questions about the second coming and such. ( and I´m just sitting there going Heavenly Father what is this girl’s real question) so I ask her some profound questions that came through the spirit that I now can’t remember and it turns out her real question is how do I know if I’m on the right path in life.   So Sister Imbach and I both share our testimonies about how we found our paths in the gospel.   Then just out of the blue I was like, if you will come to church tomorrow I promise that you will get an answer to your question.   I can´t even describe the power of the spirit that was in the room when I said that.   She look at me and with an excited voice said yes I´ll come it’s at 10 right!   After the appointment Sister Imbach looks at me as if to say like you know tomorrow is fast Sunday right…. and I was like ha-ha yeah and she is going to get an answer tomorrow.   So the next day Sunday she is the first one at church, but like half of the ward is sick or out of town, and we are thinking well this is going to be interesting but we are going to trust the spirit.   So then I’m sitting there thinking spirit when do I get up to give my testimony?   And the spirit says you’re not just sit there…. well okay but we don’t have very many people today so you let me know if you need me to get up.   As it turned out I didn´t need to get up the flow of testimonies just came one after the next and every person gave testimony about how they found their way to the gospel, they all started at different points but all at some point shared that.   It was the coolest most powerful testimony meeting I have ever been in!   So at the end Sister Imbach looks over and said well if that didn´t answer her question I don’t know what will…. so I was dying to talk with her and find out what she thought.   So I asked her did you get your answer she looked at me and smiled and said yes.   Woot woot is was so amazing!   And the next day she called us again and was like thank you so much for inviting me to church I can’t stop thinking about it, it has given me so much to think about.   So cool and we should be seeing her again on Thursday.

So yeah that’s it I think love you all, Ashley


We Passed Room Inspections!

We Passed Room Inspections!


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