Germany Week 42

Dear Family,

Ha-ha I love that Brookelynne has ´´my´´ old Sippy cup.   Tell her I want it back  … 🙂 haha jk.   Oh and mom my hair is not like flaming red really you can’t even tell that I did anything to it unless I am in the sun and then it just gives it a little red highlight it looks good.   And it’s still growing out … I´ll have long hair again when I come home, it was just a trim.


But this week was crazy fantastic, so first story we went to go see one of our members who lives in an old people home, and they can’t get out much.   So we were getting ready to leave and we get in the elevator and this older lady was like … can I come with you?   Sister Imbach is like oh yeah of course, so she helps her into the elevator, and then right as the doors start to close like 5 workers look over and are like NEIN NOOOOO so we stop the doors from closing.   They get the old lady out and are like she won’t come back if she makes it down, she is always trying to escape.   Ha-ha so yeah we almost aided in the escape of an old lady from the old people’s home. Epic


So I got to go on a split this week, Sister Garlick came to work with me in Erfurt it’s the best split I have ever been on.   We just seemed to be going all the places where the Lord wanted us to be.   We ended up running into this man who is an American soldier, and it was cool because his mom is sick and he told us how he had been going into the churches to try to find someone to talk with but there was no one. So what do you know we show up … I am pretty sure we were an answer to his pray because not only could we tell him about the plan of salvation we could speak English.   So he said he would be coming to church next week!   Yeah we just kept seeing miracle after miracle it was so cool.


Well I guess that’s it for this week. Love you all!!!

Love, Ashley

Ps. Sister Imbach and I get one more transfer sweet!!


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