Germany Week 43

Hey Family,

Well this week has been great…. the miracles are just rolling in!   So this last Saturday our branch had a branch game day.   So the whole week before game night we had been giving invitations out on the street… hoping that someone would come.   So Thursday roles around and we don’t have much planned for that day because that day is transfer day and we need to be able to get to Bahnhof and help the elders get where they needed to go. (Ps. Sister Imbach and I are staying together) so it was a nice sunny day and I was like lets walk through the park, I love walking though parks.   So we did and I saw this lady with two little kids and I was like we have to invite them to our game day!   So we did and we just kept walking.   And then I decided that I was going to try and get a smile out of everyone we passed that day.   So I was like just being my loud American self…. when this man came walking towards us … and I was like Hello!   And waved at him, he stopped and looked at us and was like kennen wir uns? (Do we know each other?) I was like no we don’t.   I just wanted to say hi….. the man just smiled and was like wow that is really kind of you thank you that just made my day and he just walked away…. then these two little old ladies came walking down the street and I was like oh boy they are next so I do the same thing and said hello and waved and they stop and she looks at me and is like … warum bist du so freundlich? (Why are so friendly) I smiled and said weil ich bin glucklich ( because I´m happy) and she just looked at me and then she saw my name tag and was like oh the church of Jesus Christ ( but in German) and smiled and was like good and waved and walked away, it was pretty fantastic.   I got a lot of people to smile that day. But cool part of the story…. the day of the game day comes and we pray that someone we met off the street will come…. and that’s right about 30 minutes  into game day the lady from the park shows up !!! Woot so cool!

Other cool story of the week so yesterday Sister Imbach walked up and was like we are getting 4 lessons today!   I was like okay ( thinking we only had 3 planned and one called last night and canceled…. but okay) so we go to church thinking that no one would be there and this guy that we had been talking with just randomly showed up !! Sweet!  So we got a lesson with him them, we went to the two lessons we had planned they went well.   But before that we had stopped at the house to drop some things off, an on the way out the door I saw a proclamation to the Family, and was like we are going to need that and grabbed it.   So now it’s after our two lessons and we are well now what…. Sister Imbach and I have this game we like to play its call follow the spirit…. so I was like hum and she was like we need to get on ther strassen bahn number 5 and I was like good because I was think we need to go in the direction of this person who lives at the end of the number 5.   So we get on it and ride….. and then I look at Sister Imbach and I’m like what now… right now we are going to do whatever the spirit tells her to do so we get off at a stop and walk down a street and we get about half way and she is like we need to turn around, and get back on the 5 so we turn around and get back on the 5.   We look at each other and are like we need to ride this thing to the end and stay on and ride it back.   So we get to the end and at the next stop on the way back a lady with 5 kids get on … and the spirit just hit me you need to talk to her…. then Sister Imbach looks at me and is like you’re on  remember we follow what I say… so I just looked at the family and was like how am I going to get over there from here without it being weird and stuff, and then I remembered that I had a family proclamation in my bag and was like that mom needs this.   So I waited until the bahn stops and pretend that I had just gotten on and go and sit across from this family.   Well one of the kids had been walking up and down the strassenbahn and came and sat down right next to me and just started to talk to me.   It was way cool I talked with all the kids they were so excited to talk with me it was kind of funny.   And then I gave mom the proclamation to the family and told her about how the gospel has helped my family and she promised to read it.   And she took our phone number…. sadly I didn´t get hers so the only way we can have more contact with this family is if the mom calls.   Pray that she will!!   They are so ready for the gospel.


Oh mom all the new missionaries will be coming with Travis’s group.  So in about 4 weeks!!   Woot woot we are so excited for them.   Also tell grandma I would love to go on a trip with her and dig up some info. And Travis sends me his email and I send him mine so you don´t have to worry about that.


Man I love you all so much!!  I hope you have a great week.


Oh yeah I forgot to tell you but last week we had to give talks in church…. ahahah we totally gave it together because the 1st counselor guy was joking that we should do that … so we did it was fantastic … at first the branch didn´t know what to think of us but then they loved it.

Well love you!! Love Ashley (Sister Kingery)


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