Germany Week 44

Hi, Family


So this week was fast and slow but still good, so this is going to be short this week because we went bowling with the elders today and need to catch a train in about 30 minutes and I still have to write to my president.

But cool story of the week, we were with a less active sister and we were reading from the Book of Mormon and I asked her how she knew that Heavenly Father is really there and loves her, she looked at me and said because He keeps sending me you, she said every time you come back it lets me know that I’m not forgotten and that he loves me.   It was the sweetest thing in the world my heart just melted.

We had a baptism this week for the elders….. We had to use buckets to fill the fount…. needless to say we had fun.

Sadly that family has not called us …YET … I still have faith that she will.


I´m glad you got the package 🙂 I hope you enjoy it. Mom, question would I have enough money to buy an old school German dress?   They usually cost a lot normally 300 or more but we found a shop that is going out of business and so it would only be like 100 something… let me know…. also I can maybe get permission to go to that church that has our family records in it but that would be another 100…. I could go on a p-day if I pay for it all and president says yes…. but I don’t know what I have any more I can´t remember…. so just let me know.

Well I guess that´s it for this week love you all!!!

Love Sister Kingery


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