Germany Week 45

Hi Family,

Well what to say about this week… we went back to Frankfurt this week for another trainers meeting, it was really great to get to see and be with everyone again.

I´m so excited to meet the sister that I will get to help train, because I know she will be the one that the Lord has been preparing me for, and He has been preparing her for me.   Working together is going to be so amazing. Later in the week we had a combined RS activity with the Gotha branch, and we really wanted to go, but we can only go if we are bringing someone. ( so a less active or an untersucher) so there is this really sweet less active lady that we have been working with for months from like the time I got Erfurt and so I called her up and invited her to come with us… and guess what she totally came!  This was the first church thing she has been to in about a year so cool.   And she told Sister Imbach and me that we both were not allowed to get moved from here… we most likely will but it was still very nice of her.

Cool well I think I will be getting a Dress then but not for another week… and tell grandma that I will keep her updated on what I find…. I need president to say yes first so pray that he will.   Sweet, love you all so much. Love, Ashley (Sister Kingery)


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