Germany Week 46

Dear Family

Well this week was grand, we did lots and lots of finding…. and it paid off, not in the way you would think….   I don’t know how much of a testimony I have of doing streets and doors, but I do have a testimony of doing it because when we show the Lord we really are trying our hardest, he just makes everything so much better then we could ever imagine it to be.   But at the end of the week we ended up with two new people to teach so that was sweet!

You know what I love?   I love being able to read from the scriptures every day and remembering every day that I am a daughter of God that I am His princess, and I´m learn what that really means, that He loved me ( and all of us for that matter) enough to give us the opportunity to grow and become just like Him someday.   That´s what I want more than anything to become who He wants me to be, the person that I am meant to be.   And it all starts with faith, believing in God and our pre-existences with Him.   I love this gospel so much and I am so grateful that I can help others come to the understanding that they too are loved by our loving Heavenly Father.

I love you all.

Love, sister Kingery


So Grandma, this is what my president said, he told me to be patient (because he didn´t answer my email so after waiting a week I called him) and he told me wait till after transfers which is like a week and a half… he said you never know where you might end up, and then he promised me that, no matter what happened with transfers he would make sure I get the chance to go, and do some family history.   But here is the thing like less than a week before at the training meeting he was saying stuff like we might just have 4 sisters in Erfurt…. so we will see what happens.   I think he just enjoys messing with me.


Cleaning Queens

Cleaning Queens


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