Germany Week 50

Dear Family,

Wow what to say about this week well, we had Easter and that was so amazing!   On our way to church we meet this guy at one of the stops and talked with him, we gave him a book of Mormon and then he came to church with us, it was really cool.   Then we went to Frankfurt and got to see everyone!   That was really fun to see all the old friends but now there are so many new missionaries I don’t know them all anymore, also we got two new sisters from the Berlin mission.   They moved over ( I guess the 12 prayed and moved them) one of them was in the mtc with me so that’s cool. Then we got to have Conferences can I just say I didn´t think they could top last conference but wow and behold they did.   It’s so amazing how the Lord works and speaks to each of us so personally, it’s pretty amazing … I took a few questions with me in mind this time when I listened and all of them got answered!

Essen is great we are starting to know the city a little better…. most days 🙂 we don’t get lost so much now…. but it’s still way fun when we do get lost. Sister Miller is just Amazing I couldn’t have ask for a better companion, her love for the gospel is just so motivating it makes me want to dive even deeper into the gospel.   Family you should have the missionaries over and have them teach you the plan of salvation!!! It’s so amazing!

Well I guess that’s it for this week love you all Love sister Kingery


Ashley week 50 b AShley week 50 c AShley week 50


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