Germany Week 41

Dear Family,

Well mom first things first I have some not so good news for you….. I may or may not have let Sister Imbach cut my hair last night…. BUT it’s not what you are thinking she only trimmed it because the ends were getting a little crazy, so it’s still growing, I also may have put a little red in it, but you can´t really tell all that much because my hair is way dark.

But we went to Wartburg (I think that’s how it’s spelled?) yesterday.   It’s the castle where Martin Luther (again not sure about the name spelling?) translated the bible into German and such look him up he is pretty cool.

Also cool story of the week.   So we go to this bible class every week, and this week about halfway through this girl just walks in and sits in the back.   I look at Sister Imbach and I´m like I think I know that girl… I was pretty sure that I had met her once before on the street with Sister Mosher, and that she has had lessons with the missionaries before.   So after class she escaped before we could talk to her.   But it was that girl that I thought it was.   So the next day we were just chilling at the house reading the Book of Mormon for German study when the phone goes off… and what do you know it’s that girl from the bible class.   She said that she has some questions about what she has been reading from the bible and asked if we could meet in the morning, so we set up the appointment.   Next day we get to the appointment and she is asking all kinds of questions about the second coming and such. ( and I´m just sitting there going Heavenly Father what is this girl’s real question) so I ask her some profound questions that came through the spirit that I now can’t remember and it turns out her real question is how do I know if I’m on the right path in life.   So Sister Imbach and I both share our testimonies about how we found our paths in the gospel.   Then just out of the blue I was like, if you will come to church tomorrow I promise that you will get an answer to your question.   I can´t even describe the power of the spirit that was in the room when I said that.   She look at me and with an excited voice said yes I´ll come it’s at 10 right!   After the appointment Sister Imbach looks at me as if to say like you know tomorrow is fast Sunday right…. and I was like ha-ha yeah and she is going to get an answer tomorrow.   So the next day Sunday she is the first one at church, but like half of the ward is sick or out of town, and we are thinking well this is going to be interesting but we are going to trust the spirit.   So then I’m sitting there thinking spirit when do I get up to give my testimony?   And the spirit says you’re not just sit there…. well okay but we don’t have very many people today so you let me know if you need me to get up.   As it turned out I didn´t need to get up the flow of testimonies just came one after the next and every person gave testimony about how they found their way to the gospel, they all started at different points but all at some point shared that.   It was the coolest most powerful testimony meeting I have ever been in!   So at the end Sister Imbach looks over and said well if that didn´t answer her question I don’t know what will…. so I was dying to talk with her and find out what she thought.   So I asked her did you get your answer she looked at me and smiled and said yes.   Woot woot is was so amazing!   And the next day she called us again and was like thank you so much for inviting me to church I can’t stop thinking about it, it has given me so much to think about.   So cool and we should be seeing her again on Thursday.

So yeah that’s it I think love you all, Ashley


We Passed Room Inspections!

We Passed Room Inspections!


Germany Week 40

Hi family,

So this week was pretty grand, Sister Imbach and I just seem to get ourselves into a lot of adventures…. just the good kind 🙂   So this last week we went to go teach this lady that we have been teaching and we got there and it was like the house had exploded and it was complete craziness.   But she still told us to come in and to sit in the kitchen and to have a drink and that she would be with us in a few minutes.  So we are chilling drinking water (because that’s what we asked for) and she comes back in looks at our glasses and was like why are you drinking water?   I have tea!   She grabs our glasses and throws our water out and puts tea in our cups, then leaves the room again.   So then I was thinking man this tea looks dark I hope it’s not black tea.   Then I looked at Sister Imbach and she has taken a sip and says one word … hibiscus… (it’s a type of plant used in a lot of herbal teas .. so it’s not black tea, but Sister Imbach has an allergy to this plant) so with that one word I knew I would be drinking 2 cups of tea that day.   So I drank mine fast and made the switch of the cups when she was not looking… but the problem was Sister Imbach had already got some of the tea in her system so she started to have a reaction to it… lucky for us it wasn´t bad and it went away pretty fast.   So yeah that was fun. (Cool part about this lady is she wants to be baptized we have just a few things we need to teach her and she needs to stop smoking and she is there!) We also got to go to Nirenberg this week for a zoko … funny story so last week when we went shopping we found these super sweet shirts for 1 Euro.   So yes we got them … and so we had matching outfits at zoko … we were so cool.   It was a great zoko I learned so much.


Erfurt is starting to steal my heart I´m falling in love with this place.   The people have a soft spot in my heart and my heart cries with them, I feel so much responsibility to bring them the Father’s plan.  To teach them who they are and that they are loved.

I love this work and I love the Lord.   Family invite the missionaries over for FHE and have them teach you the plan of salvation! It’s Amazing!!

Love you all Ashley (Sister Kingery)


Sis. Imbach and I Rockin' our Euro Shirts

Sis. Imbach and I Rockin’ our Euro Shirts

Germany Week 39

Hi family,

I hope all is going well for you!   This week was for some reason or another a pretty slow week.  We did get to go see some of the less actives sisters and we have a bunch more to see.   I have them all organized out into list of how we are going to see them.   So that should be sweet.

Ha-ha also I thought it was only going to get warmer…. we woke up this morning to almost a foot of new snow… that is not okay with me.   That’s also why I’m writing to you all so late in the day.   I may or may not have been refusing to go out in the snow.   Mostly because they don’t plow anything so you really are trudging though it, unless you are a child with a sled and a parent who will pull you….. I tried to talk Sister Imbach it pulling me… she didn’t go for it.

I have been relearning a lot about the plan of salvation again this week . It’s so amazing how much our Heavenly Father loves us.   I see His tender mercies all over the place and the fact that we can chose to live with Him again and our whole family is the most beautiful gift in the world. Sorry this week is going to be short but I love you all

Love Ashley (Sister Kingery)

Germany Week 38

Hey family,

So this last week was a blast!   Sister Imbach and I are just racking up the adventures.   So last Monday for p-day we went and found a second hand shop… I was trying to find some new skirts because all of mine are starting to fall off.   Yeah, so we found the second hand shop, no skirts, BUT, they did have a tea set.   (I can’t remember if I told you this or not but, Germans, and all other Europeans have tea time every day. we get a lot of herbal tea here.   And oddly I’m starting to like it…..hummmm) but we found this way cool tea set.  It was green with all the pieces cups, plates, and everything, for only 5 Euros, but we could not think of a good reason for buying it, then we realized it would go along perfectly with our DDM (district meeting thought) theme.   Ha-ha we got them.   It went really well our topic was the first lesson or first impressions with someone new and working with members.   So we made it work.   The Elders loved it.  We then found a nice little place to hide them in the church and we will be having tea time every week.

So because our ward or little branch is not very big we do a lot of the cooking for ourselves here.  So the other night Sister Imbach was making us soup and I was setting the table and such…. and I walked over to take a look at the soup and low and behold there was a scoop of peanut butter sitting in it. Ha-ha yes you read that right we had peanut butter soup.   It was really yummy!   We also found a cookbook in our closet when we cleaned and rearranged our house, so we are working on our cooking skills … it should be fun.

Ha-ha also I´m a lot more okay being me around Sister Imbach, the ward was even more surprised with the two of us…. because we are both crazy fun.   But they love us 😉 and to be honest I think maybe that’s what this area needs, is a little crazy.


But the Lord is blessing us left and right, like we aren’t really doing anything (okay we are but,) I feel like the Lord is just placing people in our path and leading us the way we need to go.   It’s crazy how much Erfurt is coming alive!   The Lord is softening the hearts of these people, it’s amazing.   So a couple of weeks ago after finding out that I would be staying in Erfurt and such I felt very strongly that there was a specific thing the Lord wants me to do here.   I felt very strongly that there is a less active woman I need to find.   So I got the ward list and a map, and together Sister Imbach and I mapped out every name on the list.   We are going to meet all of them, and I’m going to find that one sister I can help.


I love you all so much and have a fantastic week!!

Love Sister Kingery (Ashley)


PS. Have a blast at the temple!  I´ll be there in spirit with you all!

Love you

Germany Week 37

Oh man Sister Imbach and I are just rocking it!   Yesterday we prayed for a vision of Erfurt and what the Lord wants us to do.   Something only the two of us together can do.   We both felt that Erfurt needs to be wiped clean and rebooted, and that it just needs a big hug.   We are to love the heck out these people.   We started with the companions I got a new one, then we took on our apartment we changed the whole lay out move the beds, couches, everything.   Next we are going to start on the area book…. that should be fun.   We are also going to help our members become more involved in missionary work, because they are the key to everything!    But I can feel the change in the air Erfurt will never be the same after this transfer!   Sister Imbach and I have a lot of work to do, and we are going to do it.
    I don’t really know what to say other then I know that Jesus is the Christ, God is our Heavenly Father, and they know each of us personally and has a plan for each of us.   And I plan on following that plan.
I love you all so much, go tell someone God lives and loves them!
Love, Ashley (Sister Kingery)

Transfer Time!

Transfer Time!

Germany Week 36

Okay this is going to be short today because we are in a smoker shop today … because everywhere else is closed for New Years.   But the big new of this week is … transfer calls came again.   And I am once again staying in Erfurt… but you will never guess who my new companion is going to be…… are you ready drum roll that’s right Sister Imbach again.  

Man I´m so excited that the Lord is giving us another chance to be companions.   The only thing is this time the people we are working with aren’t pretending like they were in the MTC when we were practicing ha-ah it will be an adventure. 

  Also Sister Mosher is going to Friedrichsdorf to be the mission’s first coordinating sister so that should be fun for her.   So we have to be in at 6pm tonight because they don’t really have rules on fireworks and drinking here so I bet you can imagine how crazy it will get … that should be fun.  

Well I love you all so much.  Love, Ashley

Germany Week 35

HEY Family,
Oh man it was so good to see and hear you all!!   I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas.   Well we had a pretty good one.   I think I told you about this?   But Santa is not so nice over here…. he packs a whip and you have to sing to him to get you gift… ha-ha we sang once there was a little snow man (with actions) to get our gift, this year at the ward party.   It was good Sister Mosher and I spent Christmas Eve together (well we spend every day together) but we read the birth of Christ and then had a sleep over on the couches as we waited for Santa to come.   Ha-ha and at 4 in the morning some drunken guy was singing happy birthday to Christ in English … ha-ha it was so funny.   And we had Oreo’s and milk for breakfast 🙂 the joys of living on one’s own.
But you asked me if we are finding people to teach the answer to that would be yes and no.   The people here are a lot more closed off because of the DDR times (that’s when the wall was up) people were pretty much forced not to believe in God.   We have one member in our ward that didn’t go to college because she wouldn’t give up her religion.   So they have no idea who God even is.   So that makes it a little harder.   But we are still finding people because the Lord would not send us here if there were no people who would listen.   We have started teach this new guy last week and he is as golden as they come, just really ready to make those steps in his life.   And we did a lot of fasting and praying over the last few weeks to get the help of the Lord with our little branch (ward).   So we normally have 40 ish people there on Sunday.   But at our ward Christmas party we had 67 people there and 16 of them were not members. We are seeing miracles happen every day due to the faith of the members here.   And Erfurt is about to explode.

I love you all so much and hope you have a fantastic week!
Love, Ashley (Sister Kingery)

Germany Week 34

Dear Family,
Well this week was great!   So at the start of this month our president decided to have a mission fast for the whole month.   So every day different missionaries are fasting…Sister Mosher and I will be fasting this week.   But it’s so amazing we are see wonders all over the mission because of it.
So we also went to Gothe this week and helped with this street preaching thing.   They are having a Christmas party this next week and want lots of people to show up so their ward made 300 and some invitations to give out.   So we went to help give them out.   It was a lot of fun we got them all out in about 1 hour.   And the cool part was… so we stayed in sight and sound of each other but we talked with people on our own.   So that was really cool because that was the first time I have talked with Germans without my companion or someone standing next to me.   It was a lot fun!
But on our way back to Erfurt (there was another soccer game) and we got to, Bahnhof, the train station right as all of the crazy fans where trying to leave.   The cops were everywhere making a block barrier between us and them.   So that was also fun.
So we have 4 priest aged young men in our ward and they just made all of them ward missionaries!!   It’s so sweet they are so excited to do the work!!   Yesterday we went out caroling to kick off the missionary work.   It was a lot of fun!
Hah also this week the sun came back! 🙂   It’s like the warmest winter they have had and the Germans are telling us that it’s over and it’s just going to get warmer…. I’m not going to get my hopes up … I’m sure the cold will be back!
You know I have been thinking a lot about Christmas and the birth of Christ … mostly because this is the time of year that we celebrate that as a mass group.   But I think it just shows us one more testament that Jesus is the Christ.   His birth is the only one that the whole world celebrates and I find it so amazing how much happier people are at this time of year then the other times as we think of others and our families.   It just shows that with Christ our lives are so much better!   I love my savior so much.
I love you family and hope you have a fantastic week!!
Love, Ashley

Germany Week 33

Dear Family,
Well this week was great!   I got to go on a split in Heidelberg with Sister Stoddard she is way cool!   But she has only been in the area for about a week and half so we had a really grand time getting lost and re found ha-ha so much fun.   I love jumping on a train and having no idea where we are going to end up. We talked to a lot of people that way… and I learned I need to learn how to read the maps better ha-ha 
So we got to watch the Christmas broadcast last night it was so amazing!   But they sound really funny in German because it’s not their real voices.   I tried to watch for Brother Miller … no luck.
Well the snow came this week…. ha-ha and everyone thinks I’m just going to freeze its probably true.
So mom all of the clothes you are seeing me in are ones that I have been getting for free.   Some have come from sisters who have gone home and no longer need them.   And another good group of them came from a lady in Friedrichsdorf that I was working with she loved to give us her old things!   So yeah it’s pretty grand.   I see it kind of like it was in the scriptures when Christ told his Apostles to just go and not worry about what to wear or to eat,  It is so true people just love to take care of us.
Oh so I´m doing this super cool thing with one of the less active sisters here in Erfurt.   So we are trying to help her stop smoking.   And I had this idea that I could giving up something with her so I’m giving up English. Now I have said that before but this time it is different because I know I need to be the example in showing her that it will work.   So what we do is every day we keep track of how long we can go without and then that night I call her and we tell each other what we were able to accomplish that day!   It’s working!!!   I’m so excited to see how it goes we are starting week 2 this week!
Man so we have another zone training meeting this week.   President is really trying to get us ready for the new missionaries that are coming.   The first big group will be the group that comes with Travis.   We will be getting 40 new missionaries that transfer and I believe 12-16 of those will be sisters.    That will be so crazy!!?  
Well I think that´s it for this week love you lots and hope you have a fantastic week
Love Ashley (Sister Kingery)

Germany Week 32

Dear Family,

Well this week was one hundred percent crazy, we had sister conferences this week that were super Amazing.   It was so grand to be able to be with all the sisters and see old friends and faces.   It was great we had a testimony meeting the first night, and then the next day we did lots of training… it was a very long very spiritual day.   But the best part was getting to go back to the temple I LOVE the temple, I feel like I´m going home every time I enter those doors, our Heavenly Father loves us so much.

So the first story of the week happened on our way back home from the sister conference.   I may have gotten us on the wrong train.   So then we got to the main train station late and missed our big train back to Erfurt.   So we went to talk with the ticket guy to see what we could do about it.    He look and our tickets and asked what train had had a problem (because sometimes train are late or get stuck and that would also make us late) but we did not have that problem, we told him we just got on the wrong train.   He looked at us and was like well we don’t normally do this…. (we are thinking but you’re going to because we are the Lords missionaries and we need to get home to night, and not spend more money) and then he was like okay you had a tur lift problem, signed the papers printed us new papers and sent us on our way.   Its way cool sometimes I feel like we have the force, people tell us all the time, we don’t normally do this….. But today for us they will so that was cool.

Ha-ha so we were doing doors the other day and because everyone here lives in apartment buildings it is more like ringing door bells until someone lets us in.   But this lady let us in and we went up the stairs and she looked at us and was like are you Jehovah witnesses, (people think we are them all the time) and she was about to shut the door and we were like NO we are missionaries…. but then she didn’t wait hear any more … but at least we have a better standings with the people then the Jehovah Witnesses.

So they do lots of really cool things here for Christmas they have what they call a weinachtsmart it is out in the streets and they have lots of little stands with crafts and food and beer in them.   Dad I think you would really like it.  They also have rides and things so it’s kind of like a small fair.   But we walked past part of it this week and ha-ha there was a beer stand ahah and you will never guess what we saw ha-ha that’s right baby Jesus was on top of it…. and the rest of the nativity set. Yup these people sure do love Christ but only on Christmas and they celebrate him with beer.   It made me laugh a lot… I got a picture of it so someday I will get that to you.

Next funny story so we also had zone training this week, in Erfurt, so we had to be to the building early to open everything up.   So we were eating our lunch and such and I had taken off my shoes because it was more comfy.   But then people stated coming so I jumped up to open the door and such.   But before I could get my shoes back on president went in that room with other people and started doing interviews. So I was just walking around doing my thing without my shoes on.   But then one of the members from our ward showed up.   Ha-ha it was so funny he looked at me like I was so crazy!!   I really like watching the Germans try to handle me and my craziness.   So he gave me a hard time about it the rest of the week. But that’s okay because he just this cute little old man.

mensch…. I have so many other stories to share but not the time so I guess that´s it for now because I need to go, but I love you all so very much.

Oh yeah we are going back to Frankfurt this week we get to go to MLC, I don’t know how much of this training I can take ahahah but the Lord knows.

Love, Ashley

Me and Sister Mosher

Me and Sister Mosher

week 32 c

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