Germany Week 49

Hi family,

Well I’m writing to you all today because Monday is a holiday over here and nothing will be opened so we are taking p-day today, because then we have to go to Frankfurt next week for a golden trainers meeting.

I don’t really remember what all I told you last week but Essen is a lot bigger than any of the other cities I have worked in and we have been having a lot of fun ´´getting to know our city´´ aka getting lost and UN lost.   I love sister Miller so much she is such a rock star!   She is such an example to me.

well I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week !
love sister Kingery
Ashley week 49 b

Sisters that were in the MTC with Travis

Sisters that were in the MTC with Travis

Sis/Elder splits we all needed to get to Frankfurt...

Sis/Elder splits we all needed to get to Frankfurt…

Ashley week 49 f



Me and Sis Miller

Me and Sis Miller


Germany Week 48

Dear Family,

Well I got my new companion!   Her name is Sister Miller, she is Awesome and is already such an amazing missionary; we are going to see a lot of miracles together.

But getting to Essen was fun…. so we have two other sisters staying with us right now, because their apartment is not ready yet.   So we had 12 plus bags of luggage that we had to move from Frankfurt to Essen, but we had some great Elders help us and the best part is the ward here …wows Amazing!   They met us at the train station and drove our bags to our apartment, and just really helped us, then we got to see our place oh man it’s the best missionary apartment I have ever seen!   And it’s all because of the members here.   And this ward is just on fire with missionary work they are ready for miracles as well.   And they have been taking such great care of us.

I have already fallen in love with Essen I hope I get to spend the rest of my mission here. …. But it is the biggest city I have worked in yet …that part makes me a little nervous…. But I know this is the place where the Lord wants me to be right now!   There is no doubt in my mind about that!  It is so cool to watch the Lord and the spirit just take over when I can’t do any more He always makes everything way better than I could ever imagine. Well family I love you and I will talk at you later

Love Ashley (Sister Kingery

Germany Week 47

Hi Family,

Well this week has gone by crazy fast!

Well first story of the week Sister Imbach and I had to give a talk thing…. I don’t know the English word any more…. any who … at zone training.  It was about working with less active members and seeing them the way God sees them… well guess what we did.   We made a piñata (a unicorn) and filled it with candy and a smaller unicorn.   We talked about how we have to see what’s inside of them and who they can be the way God sees them, and ended with breaking it open and she was a whole new person( the little unicorn that we put inside her.) it was pretty sweet.

Well I guess I´ll just cut to the big news of the week….. Drum roll….. I will be training!   Ha-ha but we already knew that was coming.   I will be opening Essen for sisters.   It will be all kinds of crazy a new place and a brand new companion.   Also another set of sisters will be staying with us for a few weeks until their apartment is ready for them, in some other new city.   It’s so crazy and Sister Imbach will be staying in Erfurt and she will also be training.   Erfurt will also be getting 4 Elders!   Wow this is so crazy.   I´m going to miss the east so much, I feel like the Lord loves these people more than others some times, but I know that’s not true because He loves us all the same.   I´m very excited for all the new ahead of me but, I will miss Erfurt Greatly it will always hold a very special spot in my heart.
Oh and I finally made one of my goals!!   That is I finished reading the Book of Mormon in German this morning!   You know all I have to say is if there is anyone who wants to learn another language all they have to do is read the Book of Mormon in that language and it will come.   Now I’m not fluent or anything but I know how to teach the gospel and I can (most of the time) understand the people which is a big deal because for a long time, I didn´t even know if i would be able to do that.   But once I really started trusting the Lord and just opening my mouth … good stuff just came out.   It truly is amazing how the Lord works and He does it in such simple ways.
Family I love you all so much!   Hold close to the Lord He loves you!   Family I have been learning a lot about the love of Christ.   Christ truly is my best friend He is always there for me, and not only that He takes it all away it’s so amazing.   It is a love that is never ending, and because of that love, He Christ Himself gave His life for us that we might have the chance to grow and become like Him someday.   It’s such a herrlichen (glorious) blessing that is free to all of us.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love Ashley (Sister Kingery)

Germany Week 46

Dear Family

Well this week was grand, we did lots and lots of finding…. and it paid off, not in the way you would think….   I don’t know how much of a testimony I have of doing streets and doors, but I do have a testimony of doing it because when we show the Lord we really are trying our hardest, he just makes everything so much better then we could ever imagine it to be.   But at the end of the week we ended up with two new people to teach so that was sweet!

You know what I love?   I love being able to read from the scriptures every day and remembering every day that I am a daughter of God that I am His princess, and I´m learn what that really means, that He loved me ( and all of us for that matter) enough to give us the opportunity to grow and become just like Him someday.   That´s what I want more than anything to become who He wants me to be, the person that I am meant to be.   And it all starts with faith, believing in God and our pre-existences with Him.   I love this gospel so much and I am so grateful that I can help others come to the understanding that they too are loved by our loving Heavenly Father.

I love you all.

Love, sister Kingery


So Grandma, this is what my president said, he told me to be patient (because he didn´t answer my email so after waiting a week I called him) and he told me wait till after transfers which is like a week and a half… he said you never know where you might end up, and then he promised me that, no matter what happened with transfers he would make sure I get the chance to go, and do some family history.   But here is the thing like less than a week before at the training meeting he was saying stuff like we might just have 4 sisters in Erfurt…. so we will see what happens.   I think he just enjoys messing with me.


Cleaning Queens

Cleaning Queens

Germany Week 45

Hi Family,

Well what to say about this week… we went back to Frankfurt this week for another trainers meeting, it was really great to get to see and be with everyone again.

I´m so excited to meet the sister that I will get to help train, because I know she will be the one that the Lord has been preparing me for, and He has been preparing her for me.   Working together is going to be so amazing. Later in the week we had a combined RS activity with the Gotha branch, and we really wanted to go, but we can only go if we are bringing someone. ( so a less active or an untersucher) so there is this really sweet less active lady that we have been working with for months from like the time I got Erfurt and so I called her up and invited her to come with us… and guess what she totally came!  This was the first church thing she has been to in about a year so cool.   And she told Sister Imbach and me that we both were not allowed to get moved from here… we most likely will but it was still very nice of her.

Cool well I think I will be getting a Dress then but not for another week… and tell grandma that I will keep her updated on what I find…. I need president to say yes first so pray that he will.   Sweet, love you all so much. Love, Ashley (Sister Kingery)